The Currys Student Cookbook: Perfect recipes for beginning a new term!

We’ve enlisted a group of bloggers to put together a set of recipes which quick and simple to cook; perfect for the student lifestyle!

08 Aug 2014


Food Processor - Currys

Whether you consider yourself a gourmet chef or a complete novice, the student lifestyle often requires a selection of meals which are quick and simple to cook as well as being highly nutritious!

With that in mind, we've recruited the help of a group of fantastic bloggers who have been suggesting the best recipes to suit the student lifestyle. We're currently collating these recipes into a cookbook which we will share with everyone just in time for the new term. We'll also be highlighting how technology can speed up the cooking processes and suggest which items you need to kit out your kitchen.


Kitchen Appliances - The Perfect New Term Present!

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There are plenty of ways in which you can make home cooking cleaner, quicker and easier using our fantastic selection of kitchen appliances. You'll find you can cut down your food preparation time by half and produce stunning meals with the right technology; in particular, Currys stock a great range of sleek, modern food processors which help you to create super sauces and marinades in no time.

Of course, there are also plenty of times when you want to get experimental in the kitchen and really show off your skills. Our cookbook will have a great range of meals which are perfect for social gatherings and special occasions - you could even challenge your friends to a cook-off and surprise them with your talents! We'll have plenty of great courses which you can whip up in minutes. However, if you're trying to create the perfect dessert, a cake or soufflé perhaps, then you should take a look at our beautifully stylish mixers and you'll be making Cordon Bleu buns in no time!


Our cookbook will be ready to share on TechTalk just in time for the new university term in September, so keep an eye out for loads of great recipes. In the meantime, if you've got any great suggestions or ideas of your own for our budding chefs, feel free to comment below!