5 gadgets no student kitchen should be without

Here are the 5 essential kitchen gadgets you need for student digs…

08 Jul 2018


1. Kettle

In a nutshell: The jack-of-all-trades – a kettle – helps you make a brew or whip up a pot noodleLogik Jug Kettle

Cuppa anyone? No student could live without a kettle. Opt for one with enough wattage to boil water at superfast speed – perfect for when you’re running late for lectures.

The beloved kettle can even help keep bills down. Choose one with a clear water viewer – so you only boil the water that you need. Feeling a bit chilly in the evening? The snuggle up to a hot water bottle.

Brew up with the Logik Jug Kettle


2. Toaster

In a nutshell: One slice or two? When it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner, the toaster is a busy students faithful friend

Logik 4-Slice toaster

You’ll never go hungry with a toaster in tow. Whether its beans on toast for lunch or a cheese on toast after a night out, the faithful toaster has your back.

Go for one with extra wide slots and you’ll be able to do bagels and waffles too. And a defrost function is handy, so you can toast bread from frozen.

Make tasty toast with the Logik 4-slice toaster


3. Toastie maker

In a nutshell: Keep hunger at bay with a quick and easy toastieLogik Toaste maker

Invest in a toastie maker and turn the humble loaf of bread into a mouth-watering toastie. Fill it with cheese, ham, tuna, beans and more.

Stay clear of A&E by opting for one with a cool touch handle. A non-stick inner plate is a good idea too – this will ensure evenly toasted results without your bread or filling sticking to the machine.

Most are compact and cupboard size – perfect if your student digs are on the bijou side.

Save time with the stylish Logik L02SMS17 Sandwich Toaster


4. Coffee Machine

In a nutshell: Sometimes instant coffee just doesn’t cut it – invest in a coffee machine for when you need that extra caffeine boost

5 gadgets no student kitchen should be without

When you’ve been up all night revising you deserve more than instant coffee to get you through the day.

Find a coffee machine that’s easy to use. One that takes capsules or pods requires minimum effort for maximum flavour.  

Not a coffee fan? Most offer hot chocolate and flavoured tea capsules too.

Wake up to the Dolce Gusto by Krups Lumio KP130840 Coffee Machine


5. Blender

In a nutshell: Soups and juices are the perfect tonic for the morning after the night before – so buying a blender could be a smart investment

Nutri Ninja Slim

If you prefer kale to kebabs, then buying a blender is a great way of making sure you get your five-a-day.

To make superfood juices and smoothies choose amodel that has powerful blades – they’ll be able to blend nuts, seeds and vegetables into liquid, or crush ice for house parties. A pulse function is handy too – useshort bursts of power to get the perfect consistency.

If work surface and cupboard space is limited in a shared kitchen then opt for a small and compact model. 

Start the day right with the Nutri Ninja Slim blender


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