Coolest kitchen & home gadgets from Grand Designs Live 2014

From robot vacuums to vacuum-sealed cooking, Grand Designs Live was full of cool kitchen tech - check out our round-up

09 May 2014


From robot vacuums to vacuum-sealed cooking, Grand Designs Live was full of cool kitchen appliances.

Based on the Channel 4 TV series, the consumer show took over London this week with a whole host of smart gadgets to make running the home smoother.

More than 500 exhibitors packed into the London ExCel centre for the show. Here are a few of our favourite home appliances, each of which makes cooking and cleaning more clever and cool. 

AEG SousVide Cooker

Coolest feature:

  • Bringing sous-vide cooking to our homes

AEG Pro Combi Sous Vide Oven1

We loved the AEG ProCombi SousVide cooker the moment we laid eyes upon it. The sous-vide cooking method allows home chefs to create lip-smacking slow-cooked food. It works by using steam to cook food placed in a vacuum-sealed drawer - expect moist, flavoursome grub.

AEG says you can expect "delicious tasting food", while the vacuum bag means "all the nutrients and flavours end up in the finished dish".

This cooker also has an advanced multifunction oven for grilling, baking and steam cooking. It's released in the UK in June. 

Kelly Jones (Head of Built in Kitchen Appliances at Currys PC World) said that this year we can expect to see a rise in the availability and use of steam ovens.

"Many of the stands were really advocating the technology and the cooking/taste and health benefits presented by cooking with steam." Kelly explained. "We saw bread being proved and baked, scrambled eggs and much more, all being cooked by steam!"

Neff NoFrost fridge/freezer 

Coolest feature:

  • Keeps food fresher for twice as long 

How annoying is it when your food goes out of date in the fridge? With the Neff NoFrost KI7853D30G fridge/freezer you can expect food to stay fresher for twice as long in its HydroFresh compartment. We took a closer look at Grand Designs Live and also loved the NoFrost feature which means you can say goodbye to defrosting. 

A Neff spokesperson said:

"The hydroFresh function allow humidity to be controlled depending on the food, for something like carrots that can be up to 150 days - so that means less travelling to supermarkets and less food wastage can save an average family of four, £680 a year."

Miele Scout RX1 robot vacuum

Coolest feature:

  • Cleans in straight lines rather than cross-crossing the room 


 Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum

Miele showed off its new Scout RX1 robot vacuum at Grand Designs Live. Robot vacuums have been around for a couple of years already - check out our video with one at CES 2013.

However, Miele claims its Scout is able to clean in parallel lines rather working its way around the room in a random direction. It says this allows it to provide "more reliable coverage and saves time and battery power to boot".

Smeg retro 50s small home appliances

Coolest feature:

  • A retro blender built for 50s-style malt shakes and smoothies 

Smeg -GDL14

As if hipster appliances favourite Smeg wasn't retro enough? A new line on its way to the UK soon celebrates the curvaceous designs of the 1950s - evoking imagery of curvy cars at drive-in movies, proper hamburgers and diners serving thick malt shakes.

The classic curves are combined with iconic retro colours such as baby blue, cream and polished chrome. The toaster, stand mixer, kettle and blender also feature old-school knobs and dials for those sticklers for detail.

Smeg said the blender has preset programmes to "crush ice and make the perfect smoothies" among other things. 

Our resident Kitchen expert, Kelly Jones, said "It's great to see the iconic Smeg Fab retro range expanding their iconic design into SKA and integrated appliances. This will be coming to Tradeplace soon and so lovers of all things retro will be able to express themselves throughout their whole kitchen with this brand."


What do our experts think?

Kelly Jones (Head of Built in Kitchen Appliances at Currys PC World) attended the show this year to scout out the coolest kitchen technology at the show and find out what's going to be big in the coming year...

With many stands showing off the latest cooking technology, Kelly said: "It was great to see so many cooking demos taking place on Induction hobs this year."

"Induction technology is no longer confined to professional chefs kitchens, as it is now an affordable technology available for everyone's home.  It's the way forward for hobs with fast and reactive cooking. Lots of manufacturers have flexi induction zones too which allows total freedom."

Along with self-cleaning ovens, the increasing accessibility to steam cooking appliances and Induction hobs, Neff's innovative Slide&Hide® oven doors also stood out at the show "giving space saving in the kitchen a new meaning" (Kelly Jones, Currys PC World).


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