Nespresso: Easy, delicious coffee every time

Nespresso know that people take their coffee seriously, and are dedicated to making sure you can always find a flavour your tastebuds will adore. There are 23 different types of Nespresso capsules, also known as “Grand Cru” coffees, which cover the entire range of intensities and flavours.

Each Grand Cru is housed in a recyclable aluminium capsule. These capsules are hermetically sealed and provide the optimum conditions for storing the coffee. There’s no chance the coffee will oxidise within the sealed capsules, so it remains as delicious and aromatic as the day it was roasted and ground.


Once you put the capsule into your Nespresso machine your coffee comes to life. The machine extracts the flavours and aromas using 19-bars of pressure. This is the perfect level to produce a perfect cup – any more and the coffee can become bitter, any less and you won’t get the full flavour.

The technology used to seal the coffee within the capsules and the technology within your Nespresso machine work together to ensure every cup of coffee is stunning. All aspects of producing your coffee have been carefully calculated so all the aromas are fully expressed and you get a coffee with a full, deep body and thick, smooth crema.


Nespresso machines are designed to be easy to use while still producing the perfect cup of coffee. The capsules are simple to insert and the machine does all the work for you once you press the button to start extracting. You don’t need to adjust water pressure, temperature or worry about how long the machine should run for – it’s all done for you with great precision so you get the same great cup every time.

If you want milk with your coffee, look for a Nespresso machine that comes with an Aeroccino. These work alongside your Nespresso machine to heat your milk to the perfect temperature, cleverly frothing at the same time. You get no-mess cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites in moments.

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