Phillips Airfryer: a demonstration (sequel to the film ´Backdraft´)

24 Jan 2011


When we heard there was a staff demonstration of the new Philips Airfryer in the lobby at Dixons, we didn’t quite bargain that a bit of ‘air frying’ is exactly what we were going to get…

The Phillips Airfryer Kind of like the Tefal Actifry, except you can cook more stuff. There was a demonstration in the foyer, we were all very excited and made our way downstairs in eager anticipation. The demonstrators were there, awaiting us with big smiles and matching polo shirts. These guys meant business.

The Phillips Airfryer – it looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?

First of all, a young man named Neville showed us how to take the Airfryer apart. It was bigger than I expected but not huge by any means and also had a modern black finish that would look good in any kitchen – even my particularly old fashioned one. One of the great things about the Airfryer is that it also looked like it would be easy to clean – the compartment that holds the food was really easy to take out and the parts can be put in the dishwasher. Obviously, we didn’t have a dishwasher on site so we just had to take Neville’s word for it. He seemed like a nice boy though so I’m inclined to believe him.

There was also a slider you could put into the compartment to make it into two compartments if you’re cooking two types of food. Excellent – people generally like eating more than one type of food at meal times. As well as this, Maureen (a lady demonstrator) also told us that you can start cooking one dish and then add another at any point during cooking – it won’t affect operation.

What I found most impressive about the Phillips Airfryer, however, was the sheer variation of food you can cook. You can cook anything from sausages (which Maureen had kindly put in for us to try) and chips (with the tiniest amount of oil) to pizzas, vegetables and cake. Yes, cake. I found this a little hard to believe so kept reiterating this, but it was only because I wanted cake and, hey presto! Wouldn’t you know it – Maureen only whipped a cake out of the Airfryer she’d put in there earlier! I tried the cake and it was delicious – very moist and tasty, and it didn’t have any taste or odour from the pizza she’d cooked in there earlier.

I was even more excited to learn that because of the way the Airfryer generates heat, you can cut cooking times down to half. Wow. No more waiting around when I get in from work. The only thing you can’t cook with the Airfryer is anything dipped in homemade batter as the batter will run through the grid at the bottom. The grid is to ensure that your food doesn’t become saturated in its own fat.

According to Phillips, the Airfryer lets you enjoy chips but with 80% less fat than chips cooked in other fryers, without losing the taste. Maureen and Neville also pointed out the temperature control, which lets you preset up to 200 degrees and the timer with auto shut-off, so it really is like a powerhouse of a mini-oven. The Airfryer can also keep your cooked food warm – handy for those times when one of you will be late home.


So we were all there having a lovely time, laughing and joking, and I must confess – I was well on my way to purchasing one of these Airfryers – when it all went horribly wrong. You will remember I made mention of some sausages earlier on? Well, the sausages decided they wanted their say. Unwitting Maureen pulled out the tray that held the rogue meat product and a lovely aroma of cooked sausages filled the air. Unfortunately, with this came a little bit of steam. In a normal place of residence on a normal day, this would not have a bearing on anything. But on this day, in Dixons head office where we have ultra-sensitive smoke alarms, the sausages were to set off a chain of cataclysmic events. Actually, that’s a complete lie. The sausages were to set off the smoke alarms. This in turn was to send people running, screaming towards the exits.

The fire marshals donned their high-vizs’ and gripped their dreaded registers, the Airfryer demonstrators went a bit red and wanted the ground to swallow them up and we realised our coats were upstairs and we now had to stand out in the cold without even a sausage to keep us warm. Oh the drama.

So what did I learn from the Phillips Airfryer demonstration (apart from the next time I want sausages, not to stand cooking in the foyer in my place of work)?

Well, I am overall, very impressed with the Phillips Airfryer and would like one, but I think it would only be a really useful product if you fulfilled certain criteria. I don’t think it would be a good buy if you have a huge family and need to cook lots of meals in one go as it’s just not big enough, but if you’re single/a couple/or have young children, you’ll find it a practical, quick and easy way to cook meals for yourself/everybody. Even if you have a bigger family, it’s still a healthier, practical way to cook batches of tasty chips. It cuts cooking time down and lets you cook a whole range of food very easily and of course, it helps safeguard against cholesterol.

Given the right home, the Phillips Airfryer could make you very happy – it would be a lifelong and useful companion. Just be careful when cooking sausages in unsuitable places…