Smart Home soars at the Ideal Home Show 2018

Smart Home was everywhere at the Ideal Home Show. Here are our highlights from its most futuristic showing yet...

23 Mar 2018


Ideal Home Show Smart Home

The Ideal Home Show is famous for showcasing the year’s best innovations in home life, so it’s only fitting that its Smart Home exhibits were the standouts this year.

Bosch Smart Home

Making their mark in Smart are home appliance giant Bosch. Only entering the Smart Home industry fairly recently, they are at the Ideal Home Show to show what you might expect in the house of the future and ease any concerns homeowners have about the connected home.

Bosch Smart Home

On display is their new and exciting Smart range, which includes:

  • 360° Indoor Camera – an app-controlled security camera with in-built motion sensors so it only records relevant activity.
  • Wave Smart Thermostat – integrated home heating that lets you control room and water temperature from your smartphone.
  • Twinguard – a smoke alarm that also measures air quality, humidity levels and temperature. You’ll also receive a smartphone alert if it triggers while you’re out of the house.
  • Motion Detector – an intelligent security system with an infrared camera that lets pets run around the home undetected

The most notable Smart Home feature of Bosch however is Home Connect – their answer to Samsung SmartThings and LG’s SmartThinQ.

With so many of Bosch’s traditional home products now coming with built-in Smart tech, the connected home is certainly on its way.

Sometimes tasks are literally a lot easier said than done - simply hook up a smart speaker and you can control your washing machine, fridges, cookers, dishwashers and coffee dispensers – all with your voice!

The bonus of the Smart Home isn’t just with convenience though. You’ll feel more at peace while you’re away if you can leave the house knowing there aren’t any windows open, hobs on or alarms set, so the connected home can leave you feeling safe and secure.

British Gas Smart Home

British Gas & Hive

British Gas are one of the sponsors of this year’s Ideal Home Show, and their presence in Olympia was nothing short of massive.

Not only did we see a display of their Smart Home products, but we got to see them in action inside the Innovation Home – a fully-sized house integrated with the latest home monitoring tech. Sitting in the middle of the arena, it’s a true highlight for attendees this year.

Innovation Home

Dotted around the house were the Hive appliances that make up a connected home:

  • Hive View Security Camera – receive a live full-HD feed of your home on your smartphone if this camera detects motion or sound while you’re away
  • Active Heating – have full access to the heating and hot water in your house via your phone, so you can schedule it to suit your daily activities
  • Colour-Changing Bulbs – fully adjustable, energy-efficient lighting in your home to suit any mood you prefer

By 2020 all homes in the UK have to be installed with a smart meter to track their energy use more effectively.

British Gas helped to answer any questions homeowners had about how it would change energy usage around the home, as well as how it could save them money in the long run.

See their info on smart meters here


The Ideal Home Show 2018 finished on the 2nd April.


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