Spend your precious time better with help from Mark Williamson

Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource, which is why we’re always trying to wring more out of the hours we have in the day. Find out how to make more of your free time with wellbeing expert Dr Mark Williamson.

30 Apr 2018


Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend watching the washing machine spin? The answer might shock you. The average person will spend 61 days in a lifetime waiting for the clothes in the drum to stop their revolutions. Yes, it’s a necessary chore, but how many hours are we losing, especially if we wait around the house to hang up the clothes afterwards?

Thankfully, new innovations like the Samsung QuickDrive are an answer to this frustration; designed to cut laundry time in half, they’re up to 50% faster than conventional washing machines and don’t compromise on cleaning performance. And with AddWash™, you can add to the wash during the cycle.  

Time well spent

Imagine suddenly that you’re treated to an extra hour in the day. What would you do with that luxury? We chatted to Dr Mark Williamson about spending the time we have wisely. As the co-founder of Action for Happiness, Mark is an expert in the field of mental wellbeing and counts the Dalai Lama as one of his patrons.

Get active. “When we exercise,” Mark says, “our body releases chemicals called endorphins, which interact with the receptors in our brain to reduce our perception of pain and trigger positive feelings. That's why the euphoria that follows a run or workout is often known as a ‘runner's high’ and can be accompanied by a more upbeat outlook.”

Get outdoors more. “Research shows that being active outdoors is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing. So, when you’re on your way back from work, why not get off the bus early, go via the park or take a more scenic route?” Mark suggests.

Try meditation, or simple mindfulness techniques. “Focus on breathing in and out and letting go of constant thoughts about the past or worries about the future. Practicing mindfulness can also boost our physical health, help us make wiser decisions and promote better sleep too.”

Consider the importance of sleep. Mark suggests incorporating a ritual before bed to help you relax and rewind. “In our digital culture it’s really important that we have a healthy relationship with our devices and that we avoid using screens late at night or in the bedroom.”  

Coping mechanisms at work

When it comes to the hours we spend at the office – an unavoidable reality of adult life for most – Mark suggests the following:

Avoid the tyranny of email. “Check your mails at specific times of the day and ignore email at other times,” Mark cautions. “Research suggests that the concept of multi-tasking is a myth, so it's helpful to turn off notifications and distractions so we can really focus our attention on what we're doing.”

Collaborate. Mark believes strongly in a culture of collaboration at work, as opposed to one of conflict and competitiveness. “The happiest societies (e.g. Scandinavia) are less focused on individualism and personal success and more focused on collaboration, trust and equality,” Mark notes.

In the end, Mark believes we all need to be less hard on ourselves and “reconnect with the simple pleasures in your life.”

In other words? Be good to yourself and use the time you have wisely.

Embrace an activity you can call your own

To help you spend your time even better, we’ve put together a map of 10 relaxation activities from the around the globe, with more of Mark’s insights inside. From India’s love of laughter yoga to Denmark’s appreciation for a coffee and a sweet treat (fika), there’s something here that everyone can incorporate into their lives.

Free up extra hours and channel Mark’s advice while you’re at it. Samsung’s new range of washing machines are built with efficiency in mind and boast a host of innovations to help you get more out of your day.