The Dixons Christmas cookbook - succulent Turkey roast recipe...sort of

22 Nov 2010


We're no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. We can't whip up a vegetarian lasagne, Spanish tomato salad, mango sorbet and health food lunch for 100 school children in 30 minutes. We haven't started a revolution to save the world from calories and we didn't even know that there was a British sausage week until we started doing research for this blog.

But we know household appliances. We know kitchen gadgets and cookware. And we know that good quality kitchen equipment makes our kitchen adventures a whole lot easier.

So here's our recipe for pulling off a Christmas feast that is sure to knock your family's Christmas stockings off:

Step 1: Launch the browser on your ADVENT Vega Internet Tablet and go to Dixons (just because it's more fun shopping on your tablet and you can carry on watching 'Home for the Holidays' on your HD telly instead of being confined to the office/spare room/storage cupboard).

Step 2: Nab yourself a Prestige Professional Roast N Rack deep-walled roasting rack to cook an all-round perfectly succulent roasted turkey on a layer of crispy veg. Other essentials are a Kenwood electric knife for easy carving and electric salt & pepper grinders by Russell Hobbs to add a kick of glamour and gadgetry to the table (or at the very least use these nifty tablewares to distract the conversation away from your teeth-chipping bacon strips that turned to scratching because you don't hear the turkey timer over the kids playing Kinect).

Step 3: Scroll through your BBC Festive Recipes app on your iPhone for the turkey roast recipe (or listen to your mum this time as she lectures her traditional chopping/flavouring/basting tips), then set the turkey timer feature on the app. Instruct everyone to bring a bottle or a pudding and voila! Christmas feast!

Serve and enjoy, making sure you score enough compliments to warrant someone else doing the washing up!

Next time on the Dixons Christmas cookbook, we'll show you how to make chocolate and Irish cream roulade, tiramisu torte and Hairy Bikers' panna cotta… or not.

But if you know what any of those things are then you'll probably enjoy reading our review on the Kenwood Titanium Chef food mixer - the home baker's best friend.

We wish you a turkey-basting Christmas and turkey-sandwich leftovers New Year!