The kitchen smartens itself up for CES 2018

Our homes are getting increasingly smart thanks to the rise of products like Amazon Echo and Alexa. See how kitchen tech took over CES…

12 Jan 2018


Smart tech adoption is on the rise, but the kitchen is an area where people have been slower to ‘go smart' - so should you start investing in a smart home?

lg smart home

Could this be about to change?        

At CES 2018, smart tech staked a claim for the kitchen with new appliances and voice assistants taking centre stage.


The Echo effect

The kitchen is at the heart of family life and the fridge at the heart of the kitchen. So if any appliance can broaden the appeal of the smart kitchen, it has to be the fridge.

The idea of a smart fridge isn’t strictly new. Samsung first announced its Family Hub fridge in 2016. But that was in a pre-Echo world, where smart tech still was still seen by many as niche and dare we say ‘geeky’.

Today, Amazon has reportedly sold more than 11 million Echo devices meaning many more of our homes are already ‘smart’. And artificial intelligence has been the headline trend at CES this year, with Alexa and Google Assistant everywhere - make your home smarter with Alexa

The fridges and kitchen appliances making their debut at CES 2018 land in a much more smart-savvy world…


Samsung Family Hub 3.0

The Samsung Family Hub turned heads when it debuted – a Wi-Fi-enabled fridge with all manner of clever tech to keep your food fresh.

The most attention-grabbing feature is the large touchscreen on the fridge door, designed to be an interactive whiteboard to help you stay organised.

samsung family hub 3

Now Samsung has launched the Family Hub 3.0. It gets all the great features of the original model and then some. It’s designed to play nicely with other smart home tech thanks to integration with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant and SmartThings platform.

  • Use your fridge as a hub for adjusting your smart heating (SmartThings)
  • See who is at the door on your fridge’s touchscreen (SmartThings/Ring doorbell)
  • Ask for news and calendar updates with your voice (Bixby integration)
  • Get recommendations on meals to prepare based on food in your fridge

You can still do all the other cool stuff you could previously, such as sending to-do lists or reminders to the fridge’s display, sharing calendars and schedules and displaying your favourite photos.

Find out more about the Family Hub


LG kitchen can ThinQ for itself

Now there’s another smart fridge in the kitchen – as well as a dishwasher, oven and washing machine. LG showcased its new ThinQ range of appliances at CES. They've gone all out to create a suite of kitchen appliances that can talk to each other to make your life easier.

The range includes an oven, washing machine and dishwasher. The aim is to offer a hands-free experience that takes much of the stress out of preparing daily meals.

Find out how they work together…

lg thinq kitchen

Walk through recipes

The InstaView ThinQ fridge is an American-sized fridge freezer that also has a large touchscreen in the door. The fridge uses its built-in cameras to note the food that you have available and then suggests recipes for you to cook.

So, say your fridge tells you that you have mince, onions, carrots and pancetta. It suggests making a lasagne. But if you also have the cooker, it goes a step further.

The fridge sends the lasagne recipe to the oven so it can preheat to the correct temperature.  Alexa will then talk you through preparing the meal step by step – chop the onions, brown the mince, etc.

Help with the cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, it can be hard to find a little help from your friends. Particularly when you’ve made a lasagne – all those burnt-on bits of melted cheese and pasta.

The LG QuadWash dishwasher has your back.

The oven recognises the type of dish you’ve prepared, in this case a lasagne, and tells the dishwasher. The dishwasher then sets up the right cycle – long, hot and with plenty of detergent in this case.


Smart and useful

From the Samsung fridge that helps you answer the door and shop smartly to the LG appliances designed to make cooking simple, this new generation of smart kitchen tech is useful.

Who said the smart kitchen was faddy?


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