The sunny side of Easter

We normally spend the Easter break moaning about the British weather and how it has ruined our plans. But this year the only complaints will be about chocolate eggs melting in the glorious sunshine.

I’m eager to get cracking and begin eating my Easter eggs…

If I could prescribe three things to make the nation feel happier it would be time off work, summery weather and chocolate. As that’s exactly what the Easter weekend has in store for us this year, I’ve already planned out my break…

You may laugh it off as a trivial concern, but nobody wants to be left holding an unidentifiable congealed ball of mess that once used to be an Easter egg.

My drinks chiller is ordinarily used for cooling beers and bottles of white wine, even rosé if my other half has her way, but I know it’s an adaptable device. I reckon there’s a good five or six Easter eggs worth of space in there, enough to keep my entire stash in good shape for the weekend.

While I’m protective of my chocolate, I know it’s not just the eggs that can overheat. They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the hot midday sun, so when 12pm rolls around I’ll disappear inside and sit in front of a fan.

One hour out of the sunshine should be long enough to stop me turning entirely red and give me the chance to whip out my Motorola Xoom.

Carefully avoiding any work-related emails which may have dropped into my inbox, I’ll be playing on the Easter special edition of Angry Birds. I think we can all appreciate the fury at greedy pigs stealing eggs at this time of year…

After exacting revenge on those dastardly pigs, it’ll be time to enjoy a celebratory ice cream. There’s never an ice cream van passing when you need one, so I’ve invested in an ice cream maker and begun to create my own concoctions. I’m definitely going to try and make tiramisu flavour – what would you choose?

All the while I’ll be jiving along to some summer hits on my iPod Touch. I’ve spent some hours composing a suitable playlist including Mungo Jerry, Wham! and – for all those ice cream-making moments – Craig David’s What’s Your Flava?

Other than the glorious sunshine, the best thing about this year’s Easter break is that it’s closely followed by another long weekend. Let’s hope the weather stays fair and we can put up the bunting for a right royal celebration!

What are your plans for the Easter break? Have you got any gadgets in mind to help you enjoy the sunshine? Comment below…