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Washing machines & cleaning
Our guide to cordless vacuums 26 October 2018

Isn’t it time you cut the cord? Say goodbye to plugs and cables with a cordless vac. The latest models are powerful as well as super-portable for easy spring cleaning.

Washing machines & cleaning
How to keep your floors squeaky clean this Christmas 23 October 2018

We all know the struggle of keeping your home clean and tidy around Christmas…

Washing machines & cleaning
Christmas cleaning hacks 22 October 2018

Christmas is a special time of year, but one thing that’s not quite so special is the cleaning that goes with it. Make it easier with these handy cleaning tips.

Washing machines & cleaning
4 signs it’s time to replace your dishwasher 12 October 2018

Dishes lost their sparkle? Puddles on the floor? It could be time to replace your dishwasher…

Washing machines & cleaning
Which type of tumble dryer is right for me? 12 September 2018

We take a look at the types of tumble dryers on the market so you can decide which one is right for you.

Washing machines & cleaning
Which vacuum cleaner should I buy? 11 September 2018

Whether you’re running around after messy kids or suffer from allergies, we’ve got a vacuum cleaner with your name on it…

Washing machines & cleaning
Smart washing machines – functional or a fad? 07 September 2018

From gentle reminders to diagnosing problems, smart washing machines take the hassle out of laundry

Washing machines & cleaning
Which washing machine should I buy? 07 September 2018

Enhance your home with a new washing machine that caters to you. But which one should you choose? 

Washing machines & cleaning
5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine 06 September 2018

What size should the drum be? Can a fast spin be quiet? We answer your washing machine questions…

Washing machines & cleaning
How to choose your perfect dishwasher 04 September 2018

Banish dirty dishes and hang up your washing up gloves with our guide to buying a new dishwasher…


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