4 tips to make washing clothes tidier and less annoying

Odd socks, loose pocket change and messy worktops - dispel the messy elements of laundry with these tips

Does anyone else house seem to get messier while you wash your clothes?

Odd socks litter the floor, coins, receipts and other pocket-debris end up scattered across tables, window ledges and the top of the washing machine.

Magazines and iPod docks carted through to the laundry room never make their way back to where they're supposed to be.

So we've scoured the web for some tips designed to tackle these wash day pet hates as part of our ongoing crusade to make laundry lazy.

We checked out Buzzfeed's 31 Ingenious Ways to make doing laundry easier and picked four of our favourites.

Install a lost socks boardLost Socks

A drawer full of socks flying solo after being separated from their partner. How does this happen? They go in the wash basket as a two, but are never seen together in public - or even the sock drawer - again.

As well as having to wear odd socks all the time, this also means that countless other corresponding socks are floating around in places they're not supposed to be - invariably messing up the house.

Make such cruel sock separation a thing of the past with a lost socks board above your washing machine or dryer. You can say goodbye to odd socks being left on worktops, carpets and sofas. As soon as one comes out of was without its partner, pin it to your sock board, check your sock drawer for its partner and reunite.

Just attach some pegs to a piece of wood, decorate it to suit your style and hang from a nail…

Wall Mount

iPad holder to keep you entertained while you fold

Although folding up the washing is cathartic, it's pretty damn boring - one of those dreaded Sunday afternoon jobs - where you feel the weekend slipping away inch by sorry inch.

Keep yourself entertained by carting through the iPod dock and listening to some tunes, or flicking through a magazine.

Thing is, those items never make their way back to where they're supposed to be - creating clutter, disarray and drama.

Nip this in the bud by installing an iPad holder on the wall so you can watch the football on Sky Go while you iron, or listen to music on Spotify while you fold. And because it lives there on the wall, there's no clutter, no mess.

Keep a jar for pocket findsPocket Finds Jar

No matter how many times your mum told you to empty your pockets before putting your jeans in the wash, you'll still forget.

This leads to countless 5ps, coppers, crumpled receipts, train tickets, pens and other bits and bobs being left on worktops, the washing machine top, window ledges and other random places after the disapproving washer takes them from the your pockets and throws the jeans in the machine.

Just take a nice, retro-looking glass jar - like a kilner jar - then make a label saying 'pocket finds' and attach to the front of the jar.

Hang a rack over the door

Like most things in life, the washing machine brings with it baggage. Washing tablets, softener, stain removers, washing tablet bags, kitchen roll etc. This can make for a pretty messy worktop.

Get your house in order by hanging a cheap wire rack over the back of the door and popping everything in there.

What are your laundry tips for taking the bore out of this chore?