5 appliances you need to survive Christmas

With Christmas coming, now is to time to get yourself ready. These five appliances can help make the festive period run a bit smoother

Cooking, cleaning and laundry are as much a part of Christmas as turkey and tinsel. Here we round-up some appliances that could help you through the festive period.

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1) The cooking

Let's not beat around the bush, cooking Christmas dinner is a big ask. There's veg to prep and cook, a turkey and potatoes to roast, chipolatas to sizzle and gravy to simmer. Check out these stats from Magimix.

Christmas dinner and stress:

  • 47% of people find cooking dinner the most stressful task on Christmas Day
  • 33% say this is because of the difficulty of timing everything right
  • 32% cite fitting everything into the oven as a source of stress

The appliance - Rangemaster Platinum 100 cooker

Rangemaster Platinum 100 Cooker


The  Rangemaster Platinum and Christmas dinner go together like turkey and cranberry sauce. It has two large ovens - put your turkey in the main 69-litre electric oven to roast on a low heat and then use the smaller second oven for roasting your potatoes, parsnips and pigs in blankets.

Checking the progress of your spuds no longer means burning your hands. Use the Handyrack - a tray that pulls out slightly as you open the oven door.

Numerous pots and pans are involved in the average Christmas dinner - from boiling your carrots and cabbage to simmering the gravy. And with 5 hobs you can have everything bubbling away at the same time. They use induction technology to heat up very quickly too, great if you've forgotten to put the gravy on and you're about to serve.

Christmas dinner takes an average of 4 hours and 30 minutes to prepare, and leaves a trail of dirty pots, pans and appliances.

But the Rangemaster Platinum gives you a head-start when cleaning the oven. Its clever catalytic technology turns fat and grease into a thin layer of ash that can be simply wiped away with a cloth.

2) Or something smaller...

The built-in Samsung N70H3786LB oven  boasts a 65-litre capacity oven to fit your Chritmas turkey. The oven can be set to different temperatures - have turkey cooking on one shelf at a lower temperature while your spuds are roasting on a higher temperature on the top shelf.

Samsung NV7OH


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3) Keeping your food fresh

Christmas sees the average kitchen's fridges and cupboards bulging with grub - everything from turkey and ham to pate and cheese.

But unfortunately food often gets thrown away. Research from Unilever found every Christmas people throw away 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies.

However, having the right fridge freezer can help you keep food fresher and waste less.

The appliance - Samsung RL58GPEMH fridge freezer

Samsung RL58GPEMH


With the Samsung RL58GPEMH you'll have plenty of room for all of your Christmas goodies - and it features all manner of clever tech.

When you're unpacking your Christmas food shopping, it will quickly chill it to below 5 degrees - and keep your food fresher for longer.

Why it's important to chill food that needs refrigerating:

  • Food poisoning bugs can multiply every 10 minutes when the temperature is right
  • Keeping your fridge at 5 degrees or below will prevent this from happening
  • If your fridge is too warm, food won't last as long as it should 

The Samsung fridge features its own digital thermostat, so you won't need to bother checking its temperature with a separate thermometer.

There's enough room in this fridge for all your Christmas goodies, even your veg. Many people assume vegetables shouldn't be refrigerated, but Love Food Hate Waste says the fridge is the 'ideal place to store your fruit and veg'.

The Samsung fridge has a separate chiller cabinet ideal for storing your turkey, ham, sausages and bacon and maintaining the temperature even when the door is opened and closed.

There's also a large frost-free freezer, which can also come into its own at Christmas. Read how your freezer is your friend this Christmas when it comes to leftovers.

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4) The washing-up 

Christmas dinner is the biggest meal of the year, so it's only natural that it also results in the biggest washing-up job. Throughout the year, the washing-up leads to arguments for families across the nation, according to a survey by takeaway firm Just Eat.

And at Christmas that's only likely to grow - with more people, pots and plates to contest with.

The appliance - Bosch SMS58T dishwasher

Bosch SMS58T


Why not put everyone at ease after lunch by announcing you have bought a dishwasher? This Bosch has plenty of space for plates and pudding dishes for as many as 14 people, and can complete a cycle 50% faster than normal to get the next load finished in time for the Queen's Speech, plus a two-year guarantee so you can enjoy extra peace of mind.

Its increased capacity is thanks to the traditional cutlery basket being replaced by a third-level pull out drawer, offering space for cutlery, cooking utensils and even espresso cups.

And when it comes to loading the veg pans and roasting trays, the shelves can be adjusted to give the space you need.

The roast spuds and parsnips tray will likely benefit from being placed in the intensive wash zone at the bottom - where the baked-on crispy bits will be given the deep-clean treatment.

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5) The washing basket

If you have kids returning from uni, in-laws and other family members staying with you over Christmas you'll already be planning for a full washing basket.

There are things you can do to help make things easier though:

  • Only wash full loads - 2 half-loads use more energy than a single full load
  • Have separate washing baskets for colours, blacks and whites

Read our How to save money when doing laundry guide for more tips.

The appliance - Hotpoint Ultima S-Line washing machine

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line Washing Machine


This Hotpoint Ultima S-Line washing machine has ample room to accommodate your Christmas guests, runs quietly so it won't disturb you when chatting and catching up in the kitchen and has a really handy 30-minute quick wash and fast-drying technology.

The 9KG drum can handle as much as 12 tops, 6 small towels, 5 pairs of jeans, 22 pairs of socks/underwear, 2 bed sheets and 1 jumper in a single load. For more info on washing machine capacity visit our washing machine capacity infographic.

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