5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine

What size drum do I need? Are muddy stains an everyday occurrence? Do I crave laundry days as quiet as a humming fridge? You washing machine questions answered…

1. What drum size do I need?

Well, this largely depends on how many people you live with and how many washes you do a week. If you just have a few smalls, towels and work clothes, a 5-7kg drum is big enough for lighter loads.

If you’re regularly up to your neck in a mountain of grubby school uniforms, bed sheets and dirty gym kits, you’re better off going for a bigger family-size 8-9kg drum.

Hoover Dynamic

A wide range of washing programmes can help you manage lots of different materials and temperatures. The Hoover Dynamic Next has 16 programmes, including an All-in-One setting that lets you wash whites and brights at the same time without the risk of colours running.

With its large 9kg drum, you can wash up to 40 shirts or 8 large bath towels in one go. It’s also got an A+++ energy efficiency rating, and can be controlled with your smartphone.

What size drum suits your lifestyle? Find out with our washing machine capacity guide


2. Can I have a fast spin cycle without waking the little ones?

No one wants a washing machine that sounds like a helicopter taking off. Especially if you’ve put the kids to bed but need to put a load on.

Our washing machines range from 45 to 61 decibels during a wash cycle. Anything under 50 decibels is about the same as a refrigerator humming, so this really can make a difference in your home.

Miele EcoPlus & Comfort

The noise level on the Miele EcoPlus & Comfort is 50 decibels, so it won’t wake the little ones. Plus, it’s got a quick wash time of just 20 minutes – a lifesaver when you need clean romper suits or toddler pyjamas fast.

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3. I want serious stain-busting – can I get it at low temperatures?

It’s well known that washing at 30º or 40º saves money on your utility bills as less water is heated at lower temperatures. In fact, it uses around 40% less energy than a 60º wash. But can you be sure it busts grime and gets your clothes properly clean?

The tech boffins have been busy coming up with better-performing machines that mean eco-washing has the same power as hot washes. Great for your clothes and the environment.

Hotpoint’s Direct Injection technology and Samsung’s ecobubble both boost cleaning power by premixing water and detergent. This means the detergent meets your clothes ready-frothed, soaking into the fibres much faster and easily shifting stubborn stains. The wonders of science…

Look out for the Hotpoint Eco Tech icon on washing machines. This is given to energy-efficient machines with an A+ energy rating and Eco Cycles or Eco Wash functions.


4. What if my wardrobe is full of designer delicates?

Cashmere sweaters, silk scarves and chiffon dresses require a lot of TLC. Laundering your woollens and delicates shouldn’t wear them out. Your favourite sweater should look as good as the day you bought it, whether you wash it once or 50 times.

AEG 9000 Series

AEG SoftWater™ Technology gets rid of harsh minerals from your mains water before entering the drum, so the water is much purer. In tests, a little black dress washed 50 times saw no colour fading or wear. See it for yourself with the AEG 9000 Series

Hotpoint WM

You can be sure your woollens are kept in tip-top condition by choosing a machine with Woolmark approval. Handwash-only sweaters can be safely laundered with the Woolmark Green label on the Hotpoint WMFU 963P


5. What’s the latest washing machine tech?

Like phones and lighting, some washing machines are also now ‘smart’. It doesn’t mean they’re able to load and unload themselves just yet, but you can control them from anywhere through an app. For example, you can pause the cycle if you’re going to be late home.

They boast many other super-helpful features too, such as revealing the time left on a wash, how much energy you’ve used and troubleshooting problems.

Samsung QuickDrive

The Samsung QuickDrive speeds through a full load in just 39 minutes. You’ll also love the handy second door that can be opened and items added to mid-cycle – perfect for the stray sock that got away.

Get the Samsung QuickDrive


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