How to keep your floors squeaky clean this Christmas

Techy tips to keep your floors spotless this Christmas – no matter how many people you’re hosting…

Spotless carpets and sparkling floors are essential if you wish to impress when hosting over Christmas. Read our tips on getting your floors looking tip-top – and the vacuums we recommend to do the business for you.

squeaky clean floors

Pay special attention to the hallway and back door

At Christmas, there’s a constant stream of people in and out of your home, bringing in dirt on wet and muddy shoes, however unintentionally. Don’t stress - it’s best to let mud dry before you hoover it up. When everyone’s settling down to watch the Strictly final, whisk the vacuum cleaner round for 5 minutes.

Lightweight cordless vacuums come into their own for this:

  • no lugging heavy, awkward machines around
  • no tripping over the cable
  • effortless powerful cleaning on hard floors and carpets
  • boost button for extra suction on stubborn dirt patch
  • easy emptying, straight into the bin

You’ll be finished before the first dance starts.squeaky floors

The powerful Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum has an easy-to-manoeuvre cleaning head, meaning you can get right into those nooks and crannies. For extra power, the V8 is equipped with one of Dyson’s digital motors, and it can run for 40 minutes on a single charge.

Keep stairs clean

There’s likely to be lots of people around your house over Christmas, so it’s worth giving the stairs a quick going over every day. This is super-easy with the V8 Animal’s handheld mode - you’ll even be able to clean the spaces between the bannister.

Get the Dyson V8 Animal


Prefer a corded vacuum? The Miele C3 Extreme is a cylinder vac with some serious power - at 1600 watts, it’s one of Miele’s most powerful cleaners. Get the Miele C3 Extreme. 


Keep the kitchen floor safe and clean

This takes a real battering over Christmas. No matter how many times you ask guests to make themselves comfy in the living room:

  • everyone congregates in the kitchen
  • small children and the dog run in and out of the garden
  • you spill fat and gravy on the floor

steam fresh combi

Before you know it, your kitchen floor is a slippery, grimy mess that’s in need of a good clean with a steam mop, such as the Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C. This neat little gadget produces jets of hot steam to break down grease and grime and kill 99.9% of bacteria, so there’s no need for nasty chemicals.

You swish it round the floor like a normal mop, sanitising as it goes. You can even machine wash the pads. Some have a detachable hand-held steamer so you can blitz the sink, oven and bin as well as the floor.

Here are 5 reasons you need a steam cleaner... 


Vacuum your carpets before food gets trampled in too deeply

Christmas means non-stop eating and snacking in front of the telly. You want to get sticky cake crumbs and crushed Pringles up before they get trampled too deeply into your carpets and damage the fibres.

The DC55 is Dyson’s most powerful model. It uses clever cyclone technology to lift dust and dirt from deep in your carpets. Once you’re done, simply push the button to release the handy bin – no more messing around with dusty bags.

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Keep on top of pet hair

There’ll be lots of people fussing over your dog or cat this Christmas, which means more pet hair than usual gets fluffed up into the air. If your home gathers furry tumbleweeds in awkward corners, you might like to consider switching to a vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners.

dyson v8 absoluteMany have:

  • more brush power to lift hair from carpets
  • extra suction to lift fine dirt brought in on muddy paws
  • specialist crevice tools to tackle fur balls
  • detachable handheld units to pick hairs off the stairs

The Dyson V8 Absolute is designed for use in homes with pets, with a range of different settings that make it easy to get rid of hard-to-shift pet hair.

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Chocolate stains are not inevitable

Chocolate itself is dry and granular so you should be able to scrape most of it off your carpet. You can then lift remaining particles with a powerful carpet cleaner.

vax dual power pet advance

Using a special detergent cleaning solution, these machines get rid of dirt and stains that are deeply embedded in your carpet. They’ll leave your carpets looking 10 times cleaner than they would have done with just a vacuum.

The VAX Dual Power Pet Advance redirects heat generated by the motor to keep the water warm, meaning you’ll get a deep clean even on longer jobs.

Get the VAX Dual Power Pet Advance


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