Our top 5 time-saving appliances

Want to claw back some precious family time. Check out our top 5 time-saving appliances.

Cleaning the house, cooking meals, doing the laundry - modern life is filled with endless jobs. We spend an average of 26 hours a week on household chores - according to domestic cleaning service Molly Maid and OnePoll, and with most parents typically working full time, there's precious little time to spend with the family.

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According to a Virgin Holidays poll, families spend just 8 hours per week together. So what can you do to spend less time on the chores and more time with the kids?

You can make your household chores quicker and easier with the right technology with our time-saving induction oven, dishwasher, self-cleaning oven, washing machine and washer dryer.

Our top 5 time-saving appliances

1) Dishwasher

You can say goodbye a sink-full of pots and pans with a dishwasher.

How can it save you time?

•    You can load and unload plates and cutlery for 12 people in just 9 minutes compared to 60 minutes to wash by hand 
•    Saves up to 4 hours per week for an average family of 4
•    No more time wasted arguing over whose turn it is to do the washing up

(Source: Dishwashingexpert.co.uk)

Here's one we love - Bosch SMS58T22GB

This Bosch dishwasher has enough room for 130-140 items so you can do all your dishes at once no matter how big the meal.

Suited to a medium to large family, this full-sized dishwasher will save you time on washing the dishes.

We handed it an Our Experts Love tag for its flexibility.

Often cook from scratch? You can adjust the height of the top basket to create more space below for larger pots and pans.

In a hurry? Reduce the wash time by 50% for clean dishes super-fast.   

Dishes are washed quietly too, so you can get on with other things while it runs, such as putting the kids to bed.

Bosch Sms 58t 22gb

2) Washing machine

The right washing machine can really save you time - here are the features to look out for:

•    Large load capacity - the more laundry you can get into a single load the fewer loads you have to do
•    LCD display - know exactly how long a cycle has remaining
•    Fast-wash options - look for machines with separate fast-wash options for small and full loads

Here's one we love - Beko WM85135LW

This Beko gets an Our Experts Love tag for its host of great time-saving features:

You can wash as many as 40 shirts in a single wash thanks to an 8kg drum. Save time by washing more in a single load and reducing the number of washes you need to do.

Washing a full-load doesn't mean you're going to be hanging around all day. There is a  'fast wash for full load' function that takes only 39 minutes.

Of course, there'll be times when you need to wash just a couple of items fast. You can then use the 14 minute programe for up to 2kg of lightly-soiled laundry.

Beko Wm 85135

3) Washer dryer

With a washer dryer you can wash and dry your clothes using only one appliance - eliminating the need to buy two.

How can it help you save time?

•    On average, we spend 26 minutes on the pre-and post-wash tasks (Source: Ecozone)
•    Say bye to transferring laundry from the washing machine to the dryer

Here's one we love - Indesit IWDE7168

This Indesit washer dryer allows you to wash and dry laundry in only 45 minutes.

We handed it an Our Experts Love tag. It is perfect if you're doing 4-6 washes per week. Find out what can fit in a single wash in our washing machine capacity guide.

Indesit IWDE7168


4) Induction cookers

An oven with an induction hob is fast, energy efficient and easy to clean. It transfers heat to the pan directly rather than heating the whole cooking surface.

How can it help you save time?

•    The pans get hot, not the hobs. Say goodbye to stubborn, stuck-on food stains
•    Induction hobs heat up instantly saving heat up time before you start cooking

Here's one we love - AEG 49106IU

This AEG cooker combines an induction hob with a self-cleaning double oven to help you save time in the kitchen.

The hob heats up fast, and is easy to clean. Turning down the potatoes or carrots is simple too - change the temperature with a tap of the finger.

The double-oven is a great time-saver on Sundays. Cook your meat in one oven at a low temperature and roast your potatoes in the second at a much higher heat.

Aeg _49106


5) Self-cleaning ovens and cookers

Cleaning the oven's a slog. Swap it for a self-cleaning model that takes care of the dirt and grease so you don't have to. They come in 2 forms: pyrolytic and catalytic.
How can it save you time?

  • Cleaning the oven is the household chore we hate most (Source: Mintel)
  • No messy scouring, wiping and cleaning up the mess afterwards

Here's a pyrolytic oven we love - Zanussi ZCV66330BA

Pyrolytic cleaning saves you considerable time and effort, heating up to 500°C to burn away dirt and grease so that only a fine ash is left for easy wiping with a damp cloth.

This 60 or 90 minute cycle starts at the touch of a button and leaves oven to take care of the hard work.

Zanussi _zop 379


Here's a catalytic oven we love - Neff ZCV66330BA

We handed this Zanussi an Our Experts Love tag thanks to its catalytic liners which means the oven cleans itself while cooking your food.

Catalytic liners actively reduce the build-up of grease and grime by absorbing any leftover residue and oxidising it when the oven reaches around 200°C - making it easier to wipe away.

This saves you time and money as you do not have to run a separate cleaning cycle when the oven is not in use - as is the case with pyrolytic ovens.

Zanuusizcv 66330ba


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Time-saving tips:

•    Plan a weekly menu in advance. You can then either food shop online or buy everything all at once at the supermarket
•    Cook in batches and then freeze for later
•    Use a hand-held steam mop and a cloth instead of dusting: it saves time and you won't need to use cleaning sprays
•    Make your home clutter free - It's easier to find things and saves time on clearing up.
•    Find a home for everything, that way you'll always know where to lay your hands on what you need when you need it
•    Write a list of your errands and combine them into one journey
•    Spread your laundry throughout the week if you have several loads. It's less of a chore than leaving it all at the weekend