Reclaim your weekends with time-saving vacuums and mops

Make light work of cleaning with cordless, lightweight vacuums and fuss-free steam mops

Sick of spending your weekends mopping and vacuuming floors but just can't face the palaver keeping on top of things by doing it more regularly after a day at work?

We've picked out a couple of products that will give you your weekends back. Say goodbye to buckets of water and sopping mops; call time on trailing wires and heavy, cumbersome vacuums.

Cordless, lightweight vacuums

• Lightweight

• Powerful

• Can find hard-to-reach places

• Convert to handheld for vacuuming car

• Can deliver one hour of vacuuming on single charge

Kindle Touch

Doing the vacuuming can seem a right faff. Retrieving the heavy, cumbersome cleaner from the under-the-stairs cupboard and trying not to trip over its wire as you drag it around the house. No wonder we leave it 'til the weekend.

But a new generation of lightweight, wireless vacuums can be whizzed around the house with minimal exertion - manageable after even the busiest day at the office.

Take the Dyson DC 59 Animal. It's cordless and weighs just 2.11kg so you can go from room to room, up and down the stairs, without breaking a sweat.

Vacuuming the walls may sound a bit weird, but with its lightweight design the Dyson stretches to those hard-to-reach places - high or low. And if you just want to vacuum some crumbs from the sofa, Hyacinth Bucket style, it can be used as a handheld.

Another powerful cordless cleaning option is the Hoover Unplugged UNP300R. With no wires to get in your way, a lightweight design and a powerful battery, you can get around the house in no time.

It has enough power in the can for an hour of cleaning time on a single charge - so you can vacuum every room without recharging the battery.

What people at home think - the rub

Sarah from Paignton told reviews site Reevoo that the Dyson was "light and easy to use"  and had "very good suction" while Bruce from Amlwch said it had "power comparable to a full size vacuum cleaner".
 When it came to the Hoover Andrew in London said it was "Stylish, easy to use - no unreeling the cord, no power cord to get in the way, no putting the cord away".

Bacteria-busting magic mops

• Get rid of your mop and mop bucket

• Break down stubborn grease and grime

• Lightweight and portable

• Environmentally friendly

• Clean around furniture and obstacles

I Pad

Mopping the kitchen floor is a dirty job: Filling up buckets, wringing out sopping mops and pouring filthy water down the sink. With a portable steam mop things are much easier.

They use high temperature steam to clean your kitchen or bathroom floor - so you can put your mop bucket out to pasture.

Consumer champion Which? says steam mops with swivel heads "move around well and can clean around obstacles and furniture with ease".

And when the cleaning pad on the bottom has had its day, replacing it with a new one is simple.

As well as being easy to use they're also green, with a steam mop shifting as much as 99.9% of household bacteria without the need for detergent.

We love the Vax S2S-1. It'll use steam to shift stubborn dirt from your kitchen and bathroom floors - whether tiles, lino, laminate or solid wood.

Another one we love is the Shark Lift Away, which is good to go in just 30 seconds and can be used as a handheld cleaner for dusting surfaces as well as cleaning floors - say goodbye to your duster as well as your mop.

What people at home think - the rub

Julie in Gourock wrote on Reevo that the Vax gave her "Shiny clean floors" while Alison said it was "so easy to use".

When it came to the Shark Lift Away, Judith wrote on Reevo that it was "easy to change from floor to hand held" while Anne in Tamworth praised its multitasking abilities.

She said: "Excellent for cleaning the oven, so simple. Great for the shower too, leaves laminate and tiled floors so clean, so quickly, brilliant all round."