Smart washing machines – functional or a fad?

Smart washing machines can make laundry days less hassle – from reminding people at home to unload to diagnosing problems…

What is a smart washing machine?

It is a regular washing machine that’s connected to your Wi-Fi enabling you to do the laundry from your phone. These washing machines look and feel like any other, and you’ll load, unload and operate in the same way. But they have some really useful additional features.Washing machine

Why do you want a Wi-Fi-connected washing machine?

Our homes are increasingly becoming smarter and more connected. You can now buy thermostats and lightbulbs that connect to your home Wi-Fi in the same way as your iPad, laptop and smartphone. Smart home gadgets like these are designed to help make life easier – saving you time, using less energy, and making your home more tailored to your own lifestyle.

A smart washing machine with its clever app is no different. It tells you when a wash is finished, meaning no more going back and forth to the kitchen. Knowing when a cycle is finished even when you’re at work is also handy for getting some help with unloading it. 

Washing-machines problems are worked out fast too thanks to maintenance info being sent to the app.

Should I invest in a smart home?


How do you control smart washing machines?

Your washing machine will have an app that you can download for your iPhone or Android phone Through the app you hook up the washing machine to the Wi-Fi in a few simple steps. 

Use the app too…

  • Switch on the washing machine from another room – perfect if you forget to push the button when loading 
  • Be notified when it finishes when you’re at work – you can then remind someone at home to unload rather than leaving in the drum all day
  • Get updates on how to deal with minor problems like blocked filters
  • Be notified of more serious problems that require an engineer to repair

Did you know? As time goes on and technology evolves you’ll be able to download newer versions of your machine’s app with added functions.


Why not try… Samsung WW10H9600EW

This premium model is a superb standalone washing machine before you have even considered its handy smart features.

Samsung ww10

There’s enough space for a large family’s laundry with its 10kg drum while clothes clean exceptionally well thanks to advanced engineering tech such as Ecobubble, which mixes detergent with water in the pre-wash.

The app is easy to use and mirrors the washing machine’s digital display for added familiarity when operating, or when talking to your washing machine through your phone. Setting up the laundry is simpler too thanks to an automatic detergent dispenser that you pre-load. The clever Samsung tech works out how much to use based on the size of your wash and fabrics in it.

Get the Samsung WW10H9600EW


Smart washing machines – the future

How long do you spend folding clothes? Broken down over a lifetime we spend 375 days on average doing the dreaded task. So says a company that’s developed a laundry robot to fold clothes on your behalf.

The Laundroid is the fruit of a decade’s work by Seven Dreamers and has received $60 million dollars investment from Panasonic. About the size of a wardrobe, it uses artificial intelligence and image recognition tech to sort your clothes.


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