The Dyson Ball DC24 vacuum - a real smooth operator

Just like in the advert, the Dyson Ball upright vacuum has such a slick movement that it had us all wanting to have a go when we unboxed the DC24 model recently. Our love of technology aside… we all wanted to vacuum… Have you ever in your life wanted to vacuum? Yeah well, we're still a bit embarrassed and confused by our own response, so we'll move swiftly onto our review of this incredible appliance.

blog4.JPG (Playing with the Dyson DC24 in our merch centre…)

A quick YouTube search unveiled the genius behind the Dyson Ball - Industrial Designer, James Dyson - talking about his incredible technology and inventions. If you thought the Dyson Ball vacuum was clever, you'd be impressed by the handheld models with engines that are 5 times faster than Formula 1 cars and a bladeless fan that multiplies air flow for a revolutionary, smooth, artificial breeze. Space-aged technology put into everyday household appliances to make our lives a bit easier. That's why we love Dyson.

blog2.JPG (Barnaby _really_ loves Dyson…)

As Mr Dyson himself says, invention is about eliminating problems. The Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has none of the flaws of the traditional vacuum. It is compact and easy to store with its collapsible handle, and a hose that resembles the accordion-like part of a bendy straw (which is fun as well as practical). The handle is also reversible so that you can reach those awkward places that you dare not go near to for fear of coming face-to-fang with the resident of that huge cobweb.

James Dyson solved the problem of manoeuvrability by removing the wheels of the traditional vacuum and allowing it to pivot on a ball instead. After a few twists and turns to test the ball's performance, we started to feel as if we were playing an arcade game, steering our way to the finish line - anything that makes chores even a tad less dull is a winner in our eyes!

blog3.JPG (Dug likes to try a bench press with everything we unbox. Looks like he also had a moment of disbelief and joy with the Dyson Ball - that must've been when the 5 year guarantee was mentioned…)

As well as being bagless (therefore hygienic and easy to clean); thanks to cyclone technology, the DC24 vacuum will never lose suction. Suitable for all floor types and with allergen reducing features, you'd think that would be enough. But no - Dyson made it from the same materials that are used to make crash helmets and riot shields!

In summary - a vacuum that will provide years of graceful cleaning and unspoiled floors. One appliance to really love!