The Dyson DC25 – an animal in the bedroom, bathroom or anywhere you like

Make the dirt move with the Dyson DC25 – the vacuum which can be an animal in every room of the house

19 Feb 2013


When you told your missus you were an animal between the sheets she didn't stop laughing for a week.


Austin Powers called Rebecca Romjin a tiger while wearing a frilly shirt and chest wig but there's something about your stonewash jeans and beer belly that lacks the same seductive va-va-voom.

What she calls 'banter' shows you've still not lived it down either so instead of setting yourself up for another fall by claiming you'll make the earth move, why not make the dirt move instead with a vacuum that really is an animal in the bedroom.

The Dyson DC25 goes under the moniker 'animal' see, so you really can claim to be a tiger in the living room, kitchen or anywhere she pleases.

But before she starts throwing mocking growls your way and collapses into hysterics (again) you better tell her the dirty jobs you had in mind were more dust and grime than bump and grind.

You're still cringing over how she likened you to Mr Muscle when you flexed your pecs in your boxers on that fateful day, but like that bespectacled cleaning whizz kid, the Dyson loves the jobs you'd really rather not do.

Take pet hair. Your cat moults thick clumps of hair that look like they belong on Powers' chest rather than your new sofa.

Show the missus you mean business by making short work of the kind of hair and dirt that left your previous vacuum heading for an early bath.

As the Dyson restores her shagpile to its former pre-pet glory, and she swoons accordingly, it could even be time to blast out one of Powers' classic catchphrases.

An apt one would be 'This sort of thing is my bag baby', seeing as you both love the Dyson and its bag-less technology.

Root cyclone might sound like the kind of gadget you'd expect to see brandished by Powers or James Bond but it's actually what makes the Dyson so damn cool.

Without a vacuum bag in sight the cyclone technology sucks every last spec of dust from your carpet while at the business end mini-turbine heads and a motorised brush bar get their funk on.

We know it is groovy-sounding stuff but you're best to keep the science bit to yourself. Talking spec could really kill the moment -particularly when you're doing so well.

As well as talking spec, sneezes and coughing fits are another proven passion killer. But with the Dyson containing a HEPA filter you can leave your hanky at home.

The filter picks up pollen, mould and other allergens, meaning your attempts at seduction won't be shattered by a sneeze.

International men of mystery always look hip and so does the Dyson - with clean lines, a futuristic see-through design and a roller-ball control that sees it corner smoother than Powers' E-type Jag.

But donning a crushed-velvet suit and chest wig is a risky business that could further deplete your mojo.

Perhaps it's best to say it with flowers, or the vacuuming? 

Make the dirt move with the Dyson DC25 - the vacuum which can be an animal in every room of the house.