5 spring cleaning secrets revealed: save time & money

From cleaning taps and cooker hoods to tidying toasters and spilt sauces - check out these spring cleaning tips

At last here comes the sun - but with it the dust on your sideboards, smudge on your windows and grime on your taps which will show up in ways that you just cannot ignore. 

If you want to ensure you keep up with the Joneses it can only mean one thing - it's time to get your spring clean on.

We've scoured the web to come up with a few curveballs - spring cleaning tips you may have never before come across.

1. Use paper towels and vinegar to clean your taps


Limescale residue is the blight of our bathroom sinks, building up around tap bases and spouts and giving her from next door a platform for superiority when she pops round unannounced.

Put her back in her place by going green to get them clean.  

Blog The Thrifty Home suggests vinegar is a great way of shifting that stubborn grime. It advises you to soak kitchen paper in vinegar then wrap the paper around the taps. Leave to soak for 20 minutes or so, occasionally spraying with more vinegar from a spray bottle. Then remove the towels and scrub with a toothbrush.


2. Shift oily dust from your cooker hood with…more oil

Cooker Hood

There are some parts of the kitchen our weekly cleaning session just doesn't reach - with the general rule being if I can't see it, I won't clean it.

Take cooker hoods, which after weeks of being neglected will be covered in oily dust. Blog One Good Thing By Jillie has just the thing for cleaning it - more oil.

Put a couple of drops of oil on a paper towel, wipe the cooker head and then wipe again with a fresh, dry paper towel.

3. Tidy up your toaster

Taster With Toast

From rushed buttered-toast breakfasts to more leisurely Sunday scrambled-egg brunches, our toasters get a lot of use. Loose crumbs and fingers sticky with jam, margarine and peanut butter mean over time our toasters develop a sticky skin.

This can be tough to shift, but the Real Life Housewife blog has a suggestion - cream of tartar.  Mix 1tbsp of cream of tartar with a few drops of water, and rub it onto your (unplugged) toaster. Then scrub with a sponge before drying with a paper towel.

4. Steam your windows clean

Kitchen Windows

It's a lovely, sunny day. You want to go out for a walk or to the park with the kids, but there's a nagging feeling you're meant to be doing something else.

You've been meaning to clean your windows for weeks, and now it's sunny it's really showing that they need it. But scrubbing them and polishing them will take ages.

Liberate yourself and save on sweat and struggle with the power of steam. In its feature on cleaning windows, Channel 4 says steam cleaners are "particularly good at getting at the black smut that collects between the window and the frame".

Check out the Shark Lift Away - it'll probably do a better job in minutes than you and your shammy could do in hours. And as well as sorting your windows, it'll also mop your floors.


5. Prevent spilling sauces in your fridge

Ketchup And Mustard

Not strictly a cleaning tip, more a stopping-you-having-to-do-the-cleaning-in-the-first-place tip. Fridge doors are the perfect fit for bottles of ketchup, mustard and brown sauce.

However the slim profile and tall sides that makes fridge-door storage such a perfect place for sauce bottles also make them a nightmare to clean. And with leaky top bottles of ketchup and mustard, the storage space certainly needs cleaning.

To prevent this make some homemade fridge coasters.

Measure your fridge shelves by cutting vinyl placemats to size and putting on the base of your fridge door shelves - as described in the Savvy Sugar blog.


 What are your spring cleaning secrets? Tell us below...