Which type of tumble dryer is right for me?

We take a look at the types of tumble dryers on the market so you can decide which one is right for you.

Much like choosing washing machine, you’ll have to consider a few options: What capacity size will I need for my family? Should I choose integrated or freestanding? Before you get down to choosing the design, first you need to decide what type of tumble dryer will suit your home.

There are 3 main types of tumble dryer:

  •  Vented
  •  Condenser
  •  Heat pump 

Laundry Day

What’s the difference and which one is right for me? 

Vented tumble dryer

In a nutshell: Vented tumble dryers are on the lower end of the price scale, but need to be placed near a window or wall in your home.

Vented tumble dryers are among the most affordable to buy, however, they're not suitable for all homes. As your laundry dries, all that water from your clothes has to go somewhere. Vented tumble dryers expel the moist air through a hose. Because of this design, vented dryers need to be placed near a window where you can feed the hose through to the outside, or near a wall so that the air can escape through a fixed hose in the wall. 

We recommend: White Knight C43AW Integrated Tumble Dryer

Perfect for: Less demanding homes such as a shared flat or house with a partner or roommate.White Knight Vented dryer

Thanks to its integrated design, this tumble dryer fits in effortlessly with your kitchen units – perfect if you have a smaller kitchen or like your appliances discreetly hidden. The quiet performance also means you don’t need to worry about disturbing the neighbours on the floor below.

The 6kg capacity is ideal for smaller homes, giving you enough space to dry all of your essentials on a choice of two heat settings. Reverse tumble-drying action ensures that heat can access all of your garments, so if you’re rushing to find something to throw on before work you can rest assured there won’t be any damp patches.

Check out the White Knight C43AW Integrated Tumble Dryer


Condenser tumble Dryer

In a nutshell: Condenser dryers give you freedom to place them anywhere in your kitchen, and collect water in a container.

A condenser dryer works differently and has no need for a hose. This means you have total freedom over where you choose to place it.

Instead of expelling air through a hose, condenser dryers lift the moisture from the clothes and collect it in a container that sits inside the machine. Some models pump out the water through the washing machine plumbing, but if you have a standard model, you simply empty the container after every couple of loads.

Some condenser dryers feature sensor drying, which automatically works out how long your clothes need to dry for, and stops when finished. This can reduce household bills and prevent energy waste.

We recommend: Hotpoint Aquarius condenser tumble dryer

Perfect for: Large, busy households that need both quick drying heat and delicate clothing care.

Hotpoint Aquarius 

The Hotpoint Aquarius is built to give more care to your family’s wardrobe. Busy households can get through a serious amount of clothes, and you may constantly feel stuck in the churn of washing and drying. Thanks to a generous 8kg capacity and two heat settings, the Hotpoint Aquarius allows you to get through your family laundry more easily. Gently warm work clothes and delicates, or give plenty of heat to kids bedding and towels.

The wave drum design also lifts clothes to help preserve their natural softness and colour, helping your family’s wardrobe last a little longer. 

Check out the Hotpoint Aquarius condenser tumble dryer


Heat Pump Condenser tumble dryer

In a nutshell: The most energy efficient of tumble dryers, featuring ultra-quiet performance and top notch clothing care

Much like traditional condenser dryers, heat pump models collect the moisture from your clothes in a container and can be placed anywhere in your home.

The main difference between the two is that heat pump tumble dryers work more efficiently by re-heating the air that is passed through the drum. As the moisture is collected as condensation in the container, the warm air is then re-circulated instead of escaping, meaning you use much less energy and therefore spend less on bills.

We recommend: Beko Select heat pump tumble dryer

Perfect for: Busy families who are looking to cut down on bills and those who want to spend less time at the ironing board.

Beko Select

Washing and drying your clothes is just half the battle. If you have a busy family home, you’ll be all too familiar with the ironing pile getting taller in the corner. Once your laundry is washed, this Beko Select dryer can help reduce your time at the ironing board with its anti-crease function. As the drum rotates, clothes are gently separated for up to 2 hours after the cycle is completed, ensuring your clothes are dry, crease-free and ready to wear as soon as you unload.

You can save more money on bills too. The dryer senses when the clothes are dry and automatically stops, so you don’t need to worry about over-drying. This not only makes for a more cost efficient load, but protects your clothes too.

With 16 special care programs and a generous 8kg capacity, the Beko Select can take on even the busiest laundry days.

Check out the Beko Select heat pump tumble dryer


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