Which vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Whether you’re running around after messy kids or suffer from allergies, we’ve got a vacuum cleaner with your name on it…

Which vacuum cleaner should I buy

You’re looking for a vacuum cleaner to make light work of your spring clean, but where should you begin?

Different models suit different people, and now you have a choice of upright, cylinder or cordless. And then there’s your budget to consider.

We help you match the perfect vac with your home and lifestyle.


Busy families with messy kids and pets

In a nutshell: Spilt cornflakes, muddy footprints and dog hair… You need a hard-working vacuum for all seasons.

You want a robust machine that can cope with a family home that’s in a permanent state of chaos. You all leave your fair share of mess – from biscuits trampled into carpets and slivers of paper from homework projects, to spillages from cooking dinner, dog hair on the bed and dust that always shows up in the sun.

As well as different types of mess, there are different surfaces – carpets, laminate flooring and tiles.

Dyson Light Ball Multifloor

Look for a versatile vacuum cleaner that:

  • picks up superbly on laminate and tiles as well as carpet
  • has multi-cyclone cleaning power for better suction
  • is bagless – it’s hygienic and easy to empty
  • is easy to push around so the kids can help with the housework (in your dreams anyway)
  • is hardwearing, ideally with a 5-year guarantee


Why not try… Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

This great all-rounder performs amazingly on carpets, floorboards and laminate. Have animals as well as kids? It does a great job on pet hair, and even sucks out fur lodged deep into carpets. It’s an upright vac with clever ball technology for easy cornering – and its bagless design can be emptied in no time.

Get the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Upright


Couples and singletons with limited space

In a nutshell: Your home is on the small side – you want a vac that’s super-easy to store and use.

You live in a flat or small house and don’t have a lot of room to store bulky appliances. You don’t make that much mess, and vacuum little but often. You want to keep your place spick and span, not forgetting those hard-to-reach corners.

You need a vacuum that’s portable while also having enough power.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Look for a neat vacuum cleaner that:

  • is cordless for hassle-free use – light and flexible
  • can be wall-mounted and charged inside a cupboard
  • converts to a handheld vac for cleaning the car and stairs
  • includes crevice and upholstery tools
  • empties straight into the bin


Why not try… Dyson V8 Absolute

This cordless vac is very nimble, so can move around your pad with absolute ease, and it has up to 40 minutes cleaning time on a single charge. It’s got plenty of suction power too, with 150% more brush bar power than its smaller V6 Animal. Get into those hard-to-reach spots by switching to handheld mode and when you’re done, just attach it to the wall for easy storage.

Get the Dyson V8 Absolute


Allergy sufferers who want a dust-free home

In a nutshell: You’re prone to allergies, eczema or asthma. You’ll need a powerful vac to blitz away the dangerous dust and pet hair.

Your home might look clean to the naked eye, but pesky dust mites are lurking everywhere. Not to be too graphic, but they’ll be living the life of Riley in carpets, beds and upholstery. Pets and pollen can also cause airborne allergens inside your home – this is what you’re up against.

Cleaning up all this dust takes some serious suction power.

miele complete c3 ecoline

Look for a powerful vacuum cleaner that:

  • is designed to filter out allergens
  • lifts stubborn dust and pet hair from carpets, laminate and floorboards
  • has crevice and upholstery tools to remove dust from furniture and stairs
  • uses odour control to neutralise smells


Why not try… Miele Complete C3 EcoLine

This cylinder vacuum has a multi-stage filtration system that sucks up dust powerfully and quickly. Your carpets, floors and the indoor air are left superbly fresh and clean. The vacuum’s bag retains even the smallest flecks of dust, so it’s not released back into the environment. It’s also great at getting into corners and up against walls.

Get the Miele C3 EcoLine


Students in shared digs

In a nutshell: You don’t have a big budget so need a decent affordable vacuum to keep your student house clean.

Don’t believe everything you hear about students being messy – you’ll have to keep your student house reasonably clean if you want your deposit back. Sometimes landlords supply a vacuum cleaner, but if not… 

hoover breeze evo

Look for a budget vacuum cleaner that:

  • is great on both floors and carpets for cleaning up the morning after
  • doesn’t eat into your student loan too much
  • can pick up hair – in case anyone likes cutting their own to save cash


Why not try… Hoover Breeze Evo

For less than £90 you get a great performing bagless vacuum with a 2-in-1 tool for tackling curtains and furniture as well as carpets. It has a large bin capacity, so you don’t have to keep emptying it as you go, and you’ll save money on bills as it has an A+ energy rating.  

Get the Hoover Breeze Evo


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