Which washing machine should I buy?

Anti-stain technology, cooler temperatures and innovative drum design are included in the latest washing machines, but which one is best for you?

The washing machine is at the heart of your home, something you depend on to look after your laundry basket so you can focus on your family. You can find a great washing machine for around £300, but by spending a bit more you can get some brilliant new tech.washing 

Clean every fibre… AEG 8000 Series

When taking your laundered clothes from the washing machine, do you ever feel they’re not as clean as you’d like them to be? Or that there are specks of detergent that should have been washed out? Introducing the AEG 8000 Series washing machine. It uses ӦKOMix Technology™ to fully dissolve detergent. By pre-mixing the detergent with water and softener, OKOMix Technology™ dissolves it completely before it enters the drum. This makes sure that every fibre is cleaned and cared for.

Other useful features include… 

  • Excellent washing results at lower temperatures – 40º performance at 30º
  • Iron less with steam added after the wash cycle reducing wrinkles by up to a third
  • Tailor every load with the perfect heat and cycle length based on its weight

Deep clean with the AEG 8000 Series, available soon at Currys


Little black dress guardian… AEG 9000 Series

Clothes matter to you. Your wardrobe blends timeless pieces, good quality basics and must-haves from recent collections. When it comes to laundering, they deserve the best.

The AEG 9000 Series is a premium appliance for your luxury wardrobe.

It’s been dubbed the ‘little black dress guardian’ thanks to its ability to retain the natural colour and shape of your clothes.

AEG washed a LBD 50 times and saw no colour fading or wear. It does this by delivering a 60º wash at 30º thanks to a filtering system called SoftWater Technology™ that purifies and softens the water.LBD

Other useful features include…

  • Laundered clothes won’t show a trace of detergent thanks to pre-mixing to ensure it dissolves
  • Do less ironing with in-cycle steam treatment that reduces wrinkles by up to a third
  • Tailor every load with the exact heat and cycle length to suits its weight
  • Clothes hold their shape and texture with 30º washing
  • Specially designed drum is gentle on clothes with tiny rinse holes for no snagging

Respect your clothes with the AEG 9000 Series


Cutting-edge convenience for family life… Samsung AddWash

The best appliances make your life easier without you really knowing they are there; your washing machine should be no different.

Take the missing school shirt that is suddenly found once the washing machine door has locked. Or the unnoticed sock that got stranded in the hallway on the way to the machine. The Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW has the answer.Add wash

With the AddWash you can add items after the cycle has started - simply open the small hatch located on the main door and place them inside. And with an 8kg drum, there’s plenty of room to add bigger things like pairs of jeans and towels. 

Other useful features include…

  • Excellent washing of both cotton and synthetics at low-temperatures
  • Clothes dry quicker thanks to the powerful spin drying technology
  • Launder your favourite jeans in 15-minutes with the 2kg quick wash
  • Detect and diagnose potential problems by scanning the machine with your smartphone

Enjoy cutting-edge convenience with the Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW

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