Which washing machine should I buy?

Enhance your home with a new washing machine that caters to you. But which one should you choose? 

07 Sep 2018


Which washing machine should I buy?

A household staple, the washing machine makes running a home easier by taking care of your laundry. You can find a decent model for around £300, but by spending a bit more you can get some brilliant new tech.


Clean every fibre… AEG 8000 Series

Do you wish your washing machine laundered your clothes to a better standard? Perhaps you take your load out and feel that certain items aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be? Or are there specks of detergent that should’ve been washed out?

AEG 8000

Introducing the AEG 8000 Series washing machine. It dissolves detergent like a pro, thanks to its impressive OKOMix Technology. By pre-mixing the detergent with water and softener, every grain is completely dissolved before it even enters the drum. And voila – every fibre is cleaned and cared for.

Other useful features include…

  • Excellent washing results at lower temperatures – 40º performance at 30º
  • The perfect wash for any fabric – DualSense® adapts the temperature and drum movement for different materials
  • Heat and cycle adjustments – ProSense® technology tailors every load to its weight to protect from wear and tear

Deep clean with the AEG 8000 Series


Little black dress guardian… AEG 9000 Series

Quality clothing is an investment. From timeless basics to trend-led designs, every item deserves the best laundry treatment to make sure it lasts.AEG 9000

The AEG 9000 Series is a premium appliance for your luxury wardrobe. Dubbed the ‘little black dress guardian’, it works to retain the natural colour and shape of your clothes.

AEG washed a LBD 50 times and saw no colour fading or wear. This is all down to its filtering system called SoftWater Technology™ that delivers a 60º wash at 30º by purifying and softening the water.

Other useful features include…

  • ProSteam® technology for reduced wrinkles and less ironing
  • Blue Woolmark certification – its gentle drum cycle goes easy on delicate clothing and tiny rinse holes ensure zero snagging
  • ProSense® technology for reduced energy and water usage

Care for your clothes with the AEG 9000 Series


An upgrade for your family life… Samsung AddWash

The best appliances add ease to your family life without make a fuss – your washing machine shouldn’t be any different.Samsung AddWash

Take the missing school shirt that suddenly reappears once the washing machine door has locked. Or the sneaky sock that slipped out your hands on the way to the machine. The Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW has the answer.

With the AddWash™ feature, you can add items once the cycle has started. Simply place any forgotten pieces into the small hatch positioned on the main door. Plus, with an 8kg drum, there’s plenty of space to add larger items like towels and jeans.

Other useful features include…

  • 14 different washing programmes – excellent washing of both cotton and synthetics at low temperatures
  • Bubble Soak technology for conquering stubborn stains
  • Launder your favourite jeans in 15 minutes with the 2kg quick wash
  • Smart Check – diagnose potential problems by scanning the machine with your smartphone

Enjoy cutting-edge convenience with the Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW


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