What we love and hate about Christmas Day

Brits have fallen out of love with Christmas pud but love opening gifts - what do you like and dislike about Christmas Day?

Christmas may be a happy time - the season of goodwill to all men. But we can't love everything about it, can we?
A new poll of 2,000 adults by BBC Good Food magazine reveals our festive likes and dislikes.


Dislikes - Christmas pudding

Despite its hallowed place in the history of festive food, poor old Christmas pudding is no longer the Christmas classic every table should have.
The poll found Christmas pudding is the UK's least favourite part of the festive meal - with a third of people banishing it from the table altogether. It's even less popular than the 'dreaded' Brussels sprouts - bad form.

Likes - tucking in to Christmas lunch

Despite all the disagreements about what makes the perfect Christmas meal, for 32% of folk, it's the best part of the day.
But what will we be tucking into? We've already binned the Christmas pud, has traditional turkey gone the same way? No, and yes.
Although some 62% will opt for turkey this is mainly through duress, with 39% saying they'll be having it 'cause they always have. Guess we just hate change?  

Likes - going for a stroll

There's nothing quite like a stroll on Christmas Day; the air seems fresher, crisper; the people more jolly and accommodating. And when you consider what they've just escaped there's no wonder. Kitchen nightmares beyond the help even of Gordon Ramsay, and toy and paper-strewn living rooms with a games console playing on an endless loop. Amid such chaos the freedom of a winter's stroll is just the tonic - no wonder 4% of people voted it their favourite thing about Christmas Day.

Dislikes - rubbish TV

We spend all year waiting for the Christmas specials of our favourite shows, and with such high expectations they really have to be good. We've had some great ones over the years - Only Fools and Horses, anyone? However, when a Christmas spesh fails to deliver it really disappoints. In fact, for one in four people TV turkeys are their biggest dislike at Christmas.

Likes - ripping open presents

When I was a kid opening presents beat eating lunch hands-down in the best-thing-about-Christmas stakes, and it's still the same now. There's no wonder opening gifts is voted the best part of the day for 21% of people. There's nothing like ripping open the paper and seeing what Santa's brought you - even if it is socks and deodorant rather than that wished for PS4. Enough selfishness though, for the best part is surely watching the kids tear open their gifts - including the relief when you realise you got it right this year.

Dislikes - family rows

Christmas brings together - often under duress - family members who've strategically spent all year avoiding one another and plonks them down in a cramped room peppered with noisy kids, stuffed bellies and chronic indigestion. There's no wonder people sometimes fall out over their afternoon mince pies. And for 20% of those surveyed, this was thing they disliked most about Christmas Day - family rows.

So what do you like most about Christmas Day? And what do you hate?