What will the kitchen of the future look like?

Recent polls suggest that the number of Brits who own a smart device will rise from 23% to 59% by 2022, but what sort of devices will we be using in our kitchens? 

14 Mar 2019


When we boil it down, smart technology is all about how our devices communicate with us, and each other, to make our lives easier. And it’s the communicating with each other part that’s the key.  

This is where smart assistants come in. Wnow have the ability to control most of our home appliances by simply asking Google or Alexa to carry out a task. And this technology is already being integrated into the kitchen to do things like switching on the oven or making the morning brew. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the future smart tech that will soon be giving us a helping hand in the kitchen. 


Smart speakers – it all starts with a single command

Yes, we know, strictly speaking, it isn’t a kitchen appliance. But when we want to get something done quickly, our smart assistant will usually come up with the goods – and that’s usually through our smart speaker. Ok, they’ve been around for a few years now, so they’re certainly not the latest tech. But the speed at which smart assistants are evolving means we’ll be using them to link all of our future appliances and devices together.

Bose 500 smart speaker in the kitchen

Your smart assistant is already able to tell when you arrive home, turn your lights on and set the heating just right before you even get out of your car. Soon, you’ll be able to walk in the door and say “Hey Google, set the oven at 180, play MasterChef on the kitchen TV and tell me if I have the ingredients to make a shepherd’s pie”.  

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to chop the onions yourself. 

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Cooking the smart way

In the kitchen of the future, you’ll be able to say something like “Hey Google, I need to roast a chicken” and your smart assistant will take care of everything. It’ll walk you through the preparation of your chicken via a smart screen in your kitchen. Then it’ll ask you to pop it in the oven, which weighs your food and tells you exactly how long it’ll take to cook to perfection. It’ll even be smart enough to remind you when you need to put the potatoes in – making sure everything’s ready at the same time. 

Samsung NV73J9WIFI oven

Wi-Fi ovens like Samsung’s NV73J9WIFI are already able to connect to your home network so you can control them from your phone. Great for preheating it when you leave work, so you can pop your pizza in as soon as you get home. 

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Avoid food wastage with a smart fridge

As well as making our lives easier, smart tech is also helping to save us time and money. From smart thermostats that save on your heating bills to smart lighting that can switch off your lights when they’re not in use. Some mid- to high-end fridges, like the Samsung Family Hub, already come with internal cameras that let you see what’s in the fridge just by using an app on your phone. Want to check if you need to pick up eggs on your way home? Just check your phone. 

Samsung Family Hub in the kitchen

The next evolution in smart fridges will let you know when fresh food is on its last legs, and even add items to your shopping list when it sees you’re running low. 

How often do you have to nip to the shop because you’ve run out of that one essential ingredient? The fridge of the future promises to eliminate this particular headache. 

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Your morning coffee, without having to lift a finger

Before too long, all of our devices will be connected. Imagine being able to roll out of bed, your fitness band recognises you’re awake and it’s 7am - so it tells your coffee machine to prepare your morning brew. As you walk downstairs, still bleary-eyed, the smell of a fresh coffee greets you and your hot brew is sat there waiting.  

Man drinking coffee at home

All you had to do was wake up - oh, and remember to pop a mug on the machine before you go to bed. Waking up to coffee all over the kitchen floor might not be the ideal start to the day. But then again, you could just get your Dyson Robot Vacuum to clean it up for you. 

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