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Whether it’s vacuuming, washing or steaming, we’ll show you what you need to make your whole home and garden sparkle.

26 May 2015


There’s nothing nicer than waking up to the sun streaming through the window. Unfortunately sunlight is rather unforgiving when it comes to showing up streaky windows or dusty surfaces around your home.

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Here is some great ideas to give you a helping hand:

1) Windows

A hand-held window vacuum makes the task quicker and easier as it removes all traces of water from the surface you’re cleaning, so you won’t be left with any annoying streaks. It’s not just for windows either - you can also clean mirrors, shower screens and tiles too. The Karcher WV2 window vacuum cleaner is a good example.

2) Pet hairs

Dog and cat hairs are particularly difficult to shift so it’s worth choosing a vacuum that’s equipped with the tools to take them on. The Shark Rotator liftaway is a good option. Its great 3 in 1 design lets you change it from a traditional upright or cylinder and then to hand-held canister giving you greater flexibility to vacuum in awkward places and up the stairs.

3) Hard floors

This is where steam mops really come into their own. Using just water and heat, these mops dry floors quickly, and offer a hygienic and a cost effective way of cleaning your floor tiles and other hard floors as you won’t need to use any cleaning products.  Find out more about the benefits from our article 5 reasons why you need a steam cleaner.

4) Curtains and upholstery

Steam cleaning is also an excellent option for cleaning your curtains, soft furnishings and mattresses. The Karcher SC4 for example comes with a range of accessories to take on practically everything.

5) Carpet washing

Summer is the perfect time to clean your carpets – you can throw open the doors and windows to help them dry and air your home. The Vax Rapide Ultra carpet washer is a popular choice for deep cleaning carpets. It has the advantage of keeping the clean and dirty water in two separate tanks making it easy to fill and empty as you go.

6) Jet wash the patio

If you enjoy outside entertaining during the summer, you’ll want your patio and garden furniture to look its best, especially if it’s been left outside throughout the winter. A pressure washer will do the job in no time. For example the Karcher K2 Compact pressure washer produces 110 bars of water pressure to blast away all traces of dirt and grime to make everything sparkle.

7) Cleaning out the car

It’s one of those jobs we all put off until it’s too embarrassing to take passengers, but tackling the job needn’t be too much of a chore.  A handheld cordless vacuum like the Dyson V6 Total is ideal as not only do you not have to find extension cables to get power outside, it’s extremely light and easy to manoeuvre. It will runs for around 20 minutes on one charge and features a long wand so it’s perfect for stairs and ceilings in the house too.

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