The Soundtrack to Your Life

Different occasions call for different tunes. Using Spotify data, we've created the perfect playlist to soundtrack various activities from sleeping and studying to partying and working out.

Are you the kind of person who can't live without music? Maybe you even wish your life had its own soundtrack - like you're the lead in the latest Hollywood flick. Whether it's setting the pace on your morning run or helping you find your zen before bedtime, every action has its own perfect musical accompaniment.

So, we set out to create the ultimate playlist for your everyday activities. A soundtrack to your life you might say! Plus, we crunched numbers to find the formula for the perfect song for each activity, including the ideal BPM (beats per minute), genre, length and more. Scroll on to explore our playlists and findings.

Sleep & Relaxation

Some people swear by music for sending them to sleep. So, what are the best bedtime beats?

According to Spotify users, the following songs are some of the most popular for sleeping to, with each of them appearing on sleep-related playlists the most. Turns out, the ideal song to sleep to is, on average, 3.7 minutes long and has a BPM of 110.3. It's also best to keep the energy levels down for bedtime, with the songs receiving an average energy score of just 30 out of 100 – the lowest of all our playlists.

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Romantic Occasions

Date night? With the right playlist on, love will definitely be in the air. Nothing sets the mood quite like some romantic background music, so pop the following tracks on and enjoy.

Based on our playlist, the ultimate date-night number is a pop tune, averaging at 3.9 minutes long and a BPM of 118.7. Plus, this playlist has one of the lowest average happiness scores (23.1 out of 100) of all categories, so perhaps soppy ballads beat feelgood tracks when romance is on the cards? Ed Sheeran ranks as the top artist after all.

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Workouts & Exercise

Listening to music while exercising doesn't just relieve boredom, it can boost your energy levels and help you get more out of your workout. The more upbeat or synchronized, the better!

That's why the songs on our playlist of popular workout beats have the highest BPM of all categories, averaging at 131.1, as well as the highest energy score (76.4 out of 100). Plus, they generally fall under the dance pop genre, keeping things lively and fun. And the top artists? AC/DC, Calvin Harris and Eminem – now that's a mixed bag!

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Concentration & Studying

Silence might work best for some people when they're trying to focus, but a lot of us need music to get in the zone. The following tracks are the most popular on Spotify for those occasions when you really need to knuckle down and concentrate.

The top genre on this playlist is lo-fi beats, with a high instrumental score of 68.2 out of 100. So no temptation to sing along! The tracks also have the lowest average BPM of all categories, at just 102.2, keeping things slow and steady. The playlist is largely made up of classical and electronic artists, but it's K-pop bands TOMORROW X TOGETHER and BTS that top the list.

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Cooking & Cleaning

Popping on some great music while you're doing some cooking and cleaning can definitely up the fun factor. Next time you're cooking up a storm or doing the ironing, get a wiggle on to some of the tracks below.

It turns out the top housework songs are the classics, with more songs released in the 80s than any other decade. Mainly falling under the genres of pop and rock, they have high happiness (74 out of 100) and energy scores (63.4 out of 100) and an up-tempo BPM of 126.3, keeping you motivated as you complete your chores. I dare you not to sing along to Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', which tops the list.

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Partying & Dancing

What's a party without some feelgood music? From the fail-safe people pleasers to the ones guaranteed to get everyone up on the dancefloor, there are a few tracks your party playlist can't be without. Check out our playlist below for inspiration.

The most popular genre for partying is dance pop, with the songs averaging at an upbeat BPM of 116.9. Plus, the playlist has a high average happiness score (64.5 out of 100) and an even higher energy score (76 out of 100), making it amazing to get up and boogie to. Pitbull, Flo Rida and Calvin Harris all top the ranks as the most popular artists, but it's 'Yeah!' by Usher that sits in the number one spot on our playlist. There's a definite air of noughties nostalgia going on!

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