Tech vlogger ASBYT's 5 tips for getting started

Thinking about starting your own YouTube channel? Check out these top tips…

03 Aug 2020


Interested in getting into content creation? One of the brilliant things about tech is that we have loads of platforms to get creative. We can share our interests and passions more easily than ever. Whether that’s setting up a cooking blog with recipes and food photography, Twitch streaming, or talking on camera about the things that excite us.

If that sounds up your street, we’re here to help. We spoke to ASBYT, a brilliant tech vlogger who covers tech news, unboxings and reviews. He gave us a load of advice about the skills and tech you need to get started for yourself. And with over 70,000,000 views- you can trust his opinion!

Here are his top tips:


#1 Start with your passion

Like the Marie Kondo of vlogging, ASBYT recommends starting with the things that spark joy. His love for gaming is what started him out on his journey to YouTube stardom: “I started the YouTube channel for gaming content, but also created a few tech tutorial videos to help people out.  I quickly realized there was an interest for it, so carried on.”

And- aside from general happiness and fulfilment- there’s a very good reason for keeping what you love at the forefront. “Your enthusiasm should shine through and in turn, make your content more watchable.”


#2 Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes

You don’t want to chat to someone who’s totally self-absorbed, right? Well, it’s the same with creating content. You’re developing a relationship between you and your audience. So, “try to relax, have fun, and create content that you would enjoy watching.”

That’s why, even as ASBYT's channel got bigger and bigger, “the core premise is still the same, to help people.” And, while that’s its own reward, “now I also get to play with some incredible bits of tech innovation! I feel very lucky!”


#3 Get the right tech

What are the most important pieces of tech for vlogging?

  • A microphone: “A good shotgun or lavalier microphone is hugely important for me, as good audio can make or break a piece of content. It doesn't have to be the most expensive microphone in the world, but your audio must be clean and clear, otherwise, your audience will switch off and move onto the next piece for sure.”
  • Lighting equipment: “Good lighting is also important to get nice, crisp footage. This can be natural light or artificial, with either an LED kit or Softbox.”
  • A camera: “The final main piece of the puzzle is a good camera. Hi-res and frame rate options are ideal, and you can get some pretty great cameras for very affordable prices." And you should look for something that “shoots in a minimum of FHD.”


#4 Buy smart

If you’re a beginner, “don't spend a fortune. People will still watch you if you are engaging and the topic of the content resonates with them. This way if you decide it’s not for you, you haven't lost a great deal.”

Vlogger kits or bundles can be a good way to get what you need and keep the cost down. Plus, “if you are enjoying it and are successful, you can always upgrade your equipment further down the line.”


#5 A quick hack if you’re out and about

If you’re planning on covering live events like festivals or conventions, ASBYT has a great tip: “if you are in a large crowded area and can't get an internet signal due to high traffic, try setting your phone to 3G maximum in the connectivity settings. This way usually everyone will be trying to connect to 4G/5G and so it will bottleneck. You will be there on 3G, slower, but working without the congestion!”


Thanks to ASBYT for chatting to us about all things vlogging! Maybe it’s time to give it a go yourself.