Get more done in 2021

Need a little motivation towards your goals this year? Get there faster with our favourite apps for productivity.

24 Dec 2020


Whether your target for the year is to get fitter, achieve better grades or even just being more productive at home, we’ve got you covered. 2020 has been far from normal for everyone, and we’ve all had to adjust to new rhythms, new ways of working, studying, socialising – the familiar stuff. With so much adjustment and readjustment, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that make us grow.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to have goals, a clear plan and the focus to smash every step. And the right tech can help you achieve them all, from fitness trackers to super-fast laptops, even the apps on your phone.

From regular exercise to strict revision timetables, get the motivational boost you need with these four awesome productivity apps:


Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Available on Android and iOS, free with in-app purchases.


We love this app. Todoist is one of the best places to quickly jot down those little to-dos that crop up throughout the day. You can put everything, from Zoom meeting reminders to project tasks all within your daily schedule, alongside the more domestic tasks like paying bills, timings while cooking and reminders to check in with friends. It’s all right there to help you get the most from your everyday, and you can organise it all by priority. Handy.

It’s also a nifty teamwork platform. For big projects, you can assign microtasks to your teammates and all work collaboratively towards the big picture. And it’s equally great for keeping the kids ahead of their homework.


Strides: Habit Tracker

Available on iOS only, free.


If you don’t track your progress, how can you know if you’re close to achieving your goal? That’s where Strides comes in.

This app lets you set all your goals in the same place and track them at the same time, exactly the way you want. Reinforcing good habits, curbing bad ones, setting targets like saving money, or even bigger projects made of bitesize goals – they’re all made achievable with this app.

Of course, every person has different goals in every area of life. Choose to view them all at a glance in your progress report, or add tags to filter each goal into separate categories, like ‘work’ and ‘healthy living’. By breaking your mission for personal growth into smaller steps and daily targets, you can make great strides towards the new, healthy, successful you.


Fabulous: Daily Motivation

Available on Android and iOS, free with in-app purchases.


Maybe it’s not the goals themselves, but motivation that’s the issue. If that’s the case, give Fabulous a go! This handy app takes a more rounded, holistic approach to your targets, and instils good habits that’ll put you well on the path to hitting them.

Start off by telling the app which of your habits are most troubling (whether that’s smoking, social media, sugar consumption or anything else), and tackle them with transformative routines, mindfulness and meditation. By reinforcing healthy living habits, you’re already in prime position to keep on top of your goals. Fabulous is like having a personal life coach, right there on your phone, to get you in the right mindset.



Available on Android and iOS, free with in-app purchases.


With more of us working, studying and spending greater time at home, the average day isn’t that straight forward. Work demands and home chores don’t simply wait for the other to be completed. So, it’s important to have a daily plan that makes time for all the essentials in your life. Toodledo does just that.

Not only does this planner app help with productivity, it can help organise your life really effectively. Store your habits, notes and ideas all in one place and access it all on any device with automatic syncing. Wherever you are, you’ll keep that razor-sharp focus.

Track all your tasks according to priority and assign them to particular goals, like ‘get fit’ or ‘complete coursework’ and get notifications when it’s time to make a little more progress. And it’s also a shopping list whizz.