This week in tech: Samsung TVs to go completely cable free

Here’s our roundup of the biggest tech stories from the last week…

13 Mar 2019


Future Samsung TVs will have no cables at all

It seems like Samsung wants its TVs to go completely wireless, even doing away with the power cable. The company filed a patent last year, which suggests that Samsung is planning on building a TV that’s powered by a base station which sits close to the TV. It would work in the same way wireless phone charging works, except the patent shows the intention to create a gap between the power unit and the TV itself.

Samsung TV with no wires

We’re not exactly sure how close the TV will need to be to the power unit, but this would certainly mark a huge leap forward for how we power our devices around the home. Who knows, in ten years plug sockets may become a thing of the past altogether.


Alexa gets a new Ticketmaster skill

The latest update to Alexa’s skills lets users search for tickets using just their voice, thanks to the addition of Ticketmaster. Whether it’s your favourite artist or a big sporting event, all you’ll need to do is ask Alexa.

Using Alexa with Ticketmaster

All you need to do is link your Ticketmaster account and enable the Ticketmaster Skill in the Alexa app. Finding an event couldn’t be easier, just say “Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find concerts in Manchester”, or “Alexa, when is George Ezra touring?”. When you’ve found an gig you’d like to go to, you just need to follow the prompts to buy your tickets using the stored payment details on your Ticketmaster account.


Apple has acquired a number of smart security patents

In 2018, tech innovator Lighthouse went out of business. The company boasted advanced AI and 3D sensing home security but unfortunately, didn’t achieve the success they’d hoped for. Apple saw this as an opportunity to get its hands on a handful of patents.

Apple old Lighthouse product

We’ve heard other rumours recently that Apple is planning on entering the smart home security market. However, it’s not entirely clear what the company intends to do with the patents. Smart security is a very busy area with lots of companies already competing, so it would certainly be a challenge for Apple but if anyone can do it, they can.


YouTube adds fact-check to searches with sensitive topics

YouTube has announced that it’s testing a new information panel designed to reduce the spread of misinformation on its platform. The panel will appear on some videos that YouTube deems to be sensitive subject material, and fact checks will be offered from partners of YouTube. At the moment, the service is running in India on a trial basis.

YouTube fact checking

There’s no end of conspiracy theory videos floating around on YouTube - many of them are relatively harmless and even fun to contemplate - but YouTube is rightfully concerned about some of the more controversial videos that get uploaded to its platform.

It’s still in its beta stages of development, but it’ll be interesting to see how this feature is implemented when it’s rolled out in the UK.


PS4 Remote Play comes to Apple devices

Android users have been able to use Remote Play for their PS4 games for a while now, but Sony has finally brought the feature to iOS devices.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Sony’s Remote Play feature, it lets you stream games to your phone while you’re on your home network. The idea is that you can continue playing when someone else wants to use the TV.

PS4 Remote Play on iOS

For Remote Play to work on iOS, you’ll need to make sure your Playstation’s firmware is updated to version 6.5.0. Just go to Settings > System software update to make sure you have the latest update. Once your PS4 is up to date, just download the app from iTunes and away you go.