This Week in Tech: The latest on Samsung’s new flexible phone

From the new VR headset from HTC to Apple’s rumoured credit card, see the biggest tech news stories of the week…

26 Feb 2019


The world unfolds the new Samsung Fold 


Talk of a foldable phone from Samsung has been doing the rounds for a while now. And last week we finally saw the new model unveiled at a special Unpacked event in London. Let’s put it this way - this phone did not disappoint. It’s pretty much two devices in one. Unfold the 4.6-inch display and the handset transforms into a huge 7.6-inch infinity-flex display. And the switch between screens is nice and seamless too thanks to ‘App continuity’.


There’s more to this phone than just its fold though. Samsung has come up with a way to deliver bundles of power to the Galaxy Fold: it’ll have two batteries – one on either side of the hinge. So, you can keep the unfolding going on for longer. And what about the camera, we hear you ask? Samsung has packed a humungous six-camera system into the Fold. That’s three on the back, two inside – and a selfie cam. So, you’re totally covered.


But what does everyone else think of the Fold? A lot of chat was centred around its expected high price tag – but there was also a lot of excitement for the new handset.


The Guardian had this to say: “The Fold promises to be the next logical step in the evolution of the smartphone. It offers the utility of a phone and tablet in one device”.


Wi-Fi’s about to get faster with Wi-Fi 6


Tech news forums are buzzing with talk about the next generation of Wi-Fi – but what is Wi-Fi 6 and what are the differences we can expect? Its aim may be the same: to connect you to the internet – but there are now a few additional technologies to make it happen more efficiently, boosting connection speeds in the process.



But Wi-Fi 6 isn’t just a simple speed boost. Its impact will be more complicated and we’re likely to see more and more benefits over time. Wi-Fi 6 will be slowly rolling out this year so there’s a good chance it’ll be inside your next phone or laptop. Speedier Wi-Fi is on the horizon, people.  


HTC Vive Focus Plus VR headset is on its way


With Facebook’s next-generation VR system – Oculus Quest – arriving this spring, we weren’t surprised to hear it’ll have a bit of competition. The new Vive Focus Plus from HTC is scheduled to hit shelves at around the same time, and word on the street is that it’ll house most of the same features.


The Focus Plus will be Vive’s first standalone VR headset, and will launch alongside the PC-connected, eye-tracking Vive Pro Eye coming later this year. But which VR headset will end up dominating the market in 2019? We have virtually no idea.



Apple to launch a credit card this year


Apple has joined forces with Goldman Sachs in the bid to launch its own credit card. Reports claim that the card will available to the public later this year, following a trial run with Apple staffers. With Apple Pay being rolled out in even more countries than ever before, it looks as though Apple isn’t just content with mobile payments.



As well as providing everything you’d expect from a credit card, there may also be the feature to track your daily spend and notifications that alert you if you go over your set monthly targets. Goldmans is reportedly spending $200 million on the card’s backend infrastructure with the hope of attracting Apple’s loyal fanbase to its Marcus online bank.


A closer look at the HiMirror


You don’t have scope to do much else while you’re trying to beautify yourself in the mirror. Well, that’s about to change. You can do more while you’re getting ready for nights out in the future with the HiMirror. This mirror connects to Wi-Fi via your Amazon Echo, allowing you to check the weather while brushing up on your beauty regime.  


You can even do things like order a pizza or a taxi straight from your mirror. Whether or not it will be able to tell you who the fairest of them all is yet to be confirmed though.



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