Discover how Nikon KeyMission 360 action cameras cover all the angles

Photography is about to get a new way of looking at things with Nikon’s new KeyMission range. The appropriately named KeyMission 360 gives you complete 360 degree video, letting you capture everything around you. The KeyMission also comes in 170 and 80 degree models, each ideal for different purposes.

31 Oct 2016


What is 360 degree photography? 

The KeyMission 360 is effectively two cameras in one, each covered with a large ultra-wide angle lens. These lenses each give 180 degrees of vision, meaning the KeyMission 360 films everything around it – in front, behind, above and below. 

The KeyMission has a 20 megapixel sensor, capable of capturing HD video. It’s also shockproof up to 2m, so it’s pretty tough, and is waterproof to 30m. Ideal for underwater sports or scuba photography.


How can I view 360 degree video?

You can play back video filmed on the KeyMission 360 on many devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. While the video plays, you’ll have full control over the direction the camera faces. Watching wildlife footage and think you’ve spotted something hiding in the undergrowth? No problem. Reliving a bike ride and want to check out the view behind? Easy. You can change the angle every time you watch, at any point.

Even more exciting is the link between 360 video and VR. Play a KeyMission 360 video while wearing a VR headset, like the Oculus Rift, and you’ll find yourself inside the video, able to change your view simply by turning your head. It’s quite an impressive experience, although it should be pointed out you only control the direction you look, not how you move about. The video is also in 2D, but the immersive nature of the headset still tricks the brain into it “feeling” something like 3D. 

The possibilities for 360 video, especially in conjunction with VR, are only just starting to be discovered. For example, travel companies have produced 360 videos of key holiday destinations. Using VR, you can check out the location before you book. There are also amazing possibilities for news reporters and concert videos, as well as extreme sports. In truth, this new way of filming gives you previously unimaginable creative options, and getting a KeyMission 360 lets you be at the forefront of shaping this new artistic movement.

What are the KeyMission 170 and 80 cameras?

Nikon has also produced two other action cameras. The KeyMission 170 gives an ultra-wide angle view, while the KeyMission 80 gives a tighter image and is compact enough to be worn on a shoulder strap.

Both cameras are waterproof and shockproof, but to a lesser degree than the KeyMission 360. They make up for this by featuring an LCD screen, letting you see the image you’re filming or adjust settings directly on the camera. On the KeyMission 360, this can be done through a smartphone app.

The KeyMission 170 also comes with a remote control, allowing you to start recording while the camera is mounted with the minimum of fuss.

We’re really excited by Nikon’s KeyMission range. They’re really well thought out action cameras that are built for a range of activities and still deliver the high-quality images you’d expect from Nikon.

From the portability of the KeyMission 80 to the wide-angle 170 to the new creative options of the 360, we can see there being a place for each of these in your action camera arsenal.


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