How to make your own gaming videos with a Gaming Capture Card

Immortalise your most amazing joypad moments and share them online with a gaming capture card.

18 Dec 2014


These nifty little devices let you record, upload or stream your adventures online, whether you're storming a building on Call of Duty or exploring historical lands on Assassin's Creed.

You can make videos based on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360 and PS3 and record them to your PC or a USB drive.

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Why buy a gaming capture card?

  • Disprove the doubters: Ever scored a 40-yard screamer on FIFA but with no-one there to witness it? With a gaming capture card you will have proof of your accomplishments forever.
  • Share with the gaming world: Share your achievements with fellow gamers by streaming your videos to dedicated gaming video-sharing sites.
  • Help fellow gamers: By adding commentaries you can make instructional videos for YouTube to help out gamers who are stuck on a particular level.

Making a video

Most gaming capture cards are extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Simply connect the device to your console using the cables - most now connect via USB and HDMI. No need for separate power cables.

It's then just a case of pressing the record or capture button - on the PS4 this is made even simpler with the Share button on the console's controller. 

Recording commentary

If you want to make instructional videos to help other gamers, you may want to record a commentary.

Simply plug your console headset into the jack on the device. You can adjust the volume so your voice is neither too loud nor too quiet over the gameplay. 

What to do with your videos

Whether you want to post your gaming online or merely build an archive, here are a few options:

Uploading videos to YouTube: Record and edit your videos and upload to YouTube. Create a channel and try to build a following. YouTube Let's Play is a huge online community of gamers sharing instructional videos for everything from Minecraft to GTA V.

Live-streaming via Twitch: Social gaming community Twitch allows you to actually broadcast your gameplay live to an audience. You need to be playing a game people know, and be able to play it well to build an audience though. You may also benefit from giving live commentary on what you're doing. 

Building an archive: You can either record directly to the hard drive on your PC, a USB stick or memory card, depending on which make and model you go for. Remember, you will need a decent amount of storage space for your videos. If you are planning to record directly to your PC or Mac be sure to check your system requirements - particularly that the capture card will work with a Mac.

Two gaming capture cards we love

Elgato HD60

In a nutshell: Full HD, live streaming to Twitch, retroactive recording feature, portable, USB-powered

Pull off an amazing move without hitting the record button? You are able to slide back in time to the right moment with this gaming capture card.

The Elgato HD60 can record in Full HD and is designed for use with next-gen consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And because it's small, lightweight and powered by USB you can record at home or at a friend's. 

Live streaming your gameplay to Twitch is simple too - all you need do is press the streaming button. It can also record video while you're live streaming.

There's built-in live commentary too - so you can explain to fellow gamers what you are doing.  

Compatible with: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360.

Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket

In a nutshell: Portable, USB powered, HDMI input, Full HD resolution, live streaming to Twitch

Heading to a friend's for a gaming session? You can slip this portable capture card in your pocket and record your achievements there as well as at home.

It's small, lightweight, and is powered by USB - no need for a separate power cable.

It can capture video in up to 1080p when recording from your Xbox or PlayStation - just hit the record button.

It's set up for live streaming through Twitch as well.

Compatible with: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.

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