Video: What’s the fastest way to get around London?

25 Jan 2017


Think you know the zippiest way to make your way across the crowded capital? Want to cut down on your tedious commute? The fastest way to trek it from one end of busy London to the other may not be what you think - and we’ve got a video to prove it.

 Meet mates Dan and Fin, they’re both adamant that their favourite mode of transport is the best and only way of getting around London. Fin reckons cycling is the way to go, while Dan swears by public transport. Their pub banter has morphed into a transport battle of epic proportions. Watch our video to see the boys on their crazy adventure to discover the fastest mode of transport London has to offer. 

The race

The race will start in Crystal Palace in the Deep South of London and end in King’s Cross in North Central London. Fin will travel by bicycle, Dan by public transport. They’ll both film their journeys using GoPro Hero 5 cameras and GoPro accessories. 

The obstacles

Let’s take a look at what the boys are up against:

31m journeys are made per day in London on public transport

  • The average number of cycle journeys in London each year is 580,000
  • On average, more than 85,000 use King’s Cross station every day

During the course of the race Dan and Fin will each encounter different obstacles, here’s what they’re most afraid of:

Fin travelling by bike: Traffic, crazy drivers, and failing fitness levels;

Dan travelling by public transport: Slow walkers on Tube station escalators, delays, and missing connecting transportation.


And the fastest mode of transport is…

Bicycle or public transport – which mode of transport will win?

Watch the video to find out the fastest way to get round London. Ready, set, go!


Wondering how to get your GoPro videos looking this good?

You may be surprised to learn that the entire video was filmed on a GoPro Hero 5 camera – well seven of them to be exact. The guys used the camera’s handy stabilisation feature to make sure there were no wobbly or jerky shots. They then switched between the super view, wide, mid and linear settings to get the best footage. Dan and Fin also kitted themselves out with GoPro chest and head mounts, 3-way selfie sticks and a handle bar mount to capture the action from different angles.

The GoPro Hero 5 has a ton of great features that can help make your video epic. These include:

  • 4k Ultra HD technology
  • Waterproof design
  • Digital image stabilisation
  • Voice control functionality

Keen to film your own epic adventure? With the new GoPro 5 Session Camera, you can capture all the action in stunning 4K resolution and share all the shots with your mates while on the go. If you can’t wait to get started, check out the full range of GoPro cameras now available at Currys.