Britain’s top landmarks as you’ve never seen them before

14 Aug 2017


Brighton Pier, Cutty Sark, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. The UK boasts a ton of attractions that are just as picture-worthy as the likes of New York or Rome. But with a record number of photos being taken every year, getting a picture-perfect shot may involve battling the crowds.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Canon to show you how to snap Britain’s top landmarks with - and without - people getting in the way. We asked three photographers to shoot each attraction from exactly the same spot during peak and quiet times – and the contrast is striking. Check out the photos below to see for yourself, and for professional tips on how to photograph the best attractions on home soil.


Brighton Pier

Location: Brighton
Annual number of visitors: 4.6 million

currys_canon_eos_M3_brighton_palace_pier_sunrise_final_800.jpg CanonCurrysFinalIMG_0989.jpg

Time photographed: 6am and 6.45pm
Credit: Séamus Smyth

Brighton is world-famous for its picturesque pier, but for a stunning photograph plan your picture around the tides. Brighton’s beach can look spectacular at low tide, and we suggest aiming for tides lower than one metre. Check the tide time corresponds with sunrise and sunset for an even more striking photo – like in the image on the left-hand side here. An easy summary of tides can be found at the Visit Brighton website.


Royal Mile

Location: Edinburgh
Annual number of visitors: 4.1 million 

final-royal-mile-empty.jpg final-royal-mile-busy.jpg

Time photographed: 5am and 11:30am
Credit: Scott Parker

With its awe-inspiring architecture, it’s hard to take a bad picture of Edinburgh’s most famous street. But for the best light, try to shoot in the golden hours of the day. That’s first thing when the sun rises or the last hour before the sun sets. Taking your photo at these times eliminates harsh shadows, gives your photo a warming glow and ensures the crowds don’t ruin your shot. If you’re stuck for a good angle – get higher! Try positioning yourself above street level or shooting from a nearby tourist attraction like in this photo - taken from the top of the Camera Obscura. 


St Paul’s Cathedral

Location: City of London
Annual number of visitors: 1.5 million

ECCSPT2-1.jpg.jpg ECCSPT2-2.jpg.jpg

Time photographed: 5am and 10:05am
Credit: Neil Andrews

It’s one of the capital’s most recognisable landmarks and has been photographed thousands of times. So, we recommend doing a bit of research before capturing Christopher Wren’s magnificent dome on camera. Check out the location and other people’s photos by searching through relevant Instagram hashtags. Having a peek at other visitors’ shots can help you work out the best angle and save you time when you arrive.


Cutty Sark

Location: Greenwich, London
Annual number of visitors: 1.5 million

ECCCS1.jpg ECCCS3.jpg

Time photographed: 6am and 10am
Credit: Neil Andrews

The world’s oldest surviving clipper is an enormous ship to fit in any photo, so it’s best shot using a wide-angle lens. Shoot in AV (aperture priority) mode if you’re choosing to capture it early in the morning and want to get away from the crowds. This optimises the exposure of the shot and works perfectly for low light levels.


Tower Bridge

Location: Tower Hamlets/Southwark, London
Annual number of visitors: 14.6 million

ECCTBT-1.jpg.jpg ECCTBT-4.jpg.jpg

Time photographed: 5:20am and 11:50am
Credit: Neil Andrews

London’s most famous bridge is an impressive piece of architecture with strong lines throughout. If you want a snap that draws in the eye, make sure some of the lines finish in the corner of your frame. Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to perfect this in your photo. You can always fix it afterwards in the crop.

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