Capture the essence of summer with the latest camera

From beach holidays to backpacking, capture the essence of summer with a camera that keeps your memories in sharp focus even years down the line…

23 Jun 2017



The bright blue skies and long, lazy evenings of summer are when memories are made.

Whether that’s as a gap-year traveller on a globe-trotting adventure, or a young family paddling in the surf of an English seaside town. 

These are the kind of memories that pass down the generations to become part of our family folklore: dad dropping his ice cream on that holiday in Cornwall; you bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon the summer after graduation. But capturing these memories can be difficult.


The difficulties of Summer photography

Summer, the season of light and longest days, is surprisingly difficult to shoot. Photographers are blighted by harsh light and high contrast.

So if you want to take the best possible photographs, it’s worth investing in the right type of camera.


Top quality pictures that reflect your memory

When you look at the pictures you shot in summer 2017 in years to come, you want them to take you right back to the moment. 

You want pictures that are sharp in detail and rich in colour. The sky and sea to accurately reflect the blue as you remember it. Colours, be it the red T-shirt worn by your then toddler or selfies in the sun with a tropical cocktail, should pop from the photo. 

With the Canon EOS M3 you get the same quality photographs you’d expect from a DSLR - the type of cameras used by the paparazzi and fashion photographers.

See how blogger and photographer Tasha Green got to grips with the Canon EOS M3:

To take a good photograph you need plenty of light, and the camera’s sensor is what controls light. The Canon M3 has one of the best sensors in the business – 24.2 megapixel CMOS – for photographs that somehow seem to ‘bottle’ summer. 

Like a DSLR, it has interchangeable lenses so you can shoot photos in very different ways for very different results.

Enjoy incredible picture quality with the Canon EOS M3 – it comes with a 15-45 mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens.Canon EOS M3

Effortlessly fits in your rucksack

Whether you’re trekking across the Great Wall of China or just across your local park, you could do without lugging around loads of heavy kit. 

You’ve seen on TV the cameras professionals use, and they’re big and bulky – not rucksack friendly at all. Not the kind of thing you want flung round your neck to document your beach holiday or city break. 


But the really clever thing about the Canon M3 is that it packs a top quality camera into a smaller package. It’s what’s called a mirrorless camera. Without getting too technical, by forfeiting the mirror (the component that makes a DSLR work) in its design, the camera can be made much smaller than a DSLR, so you can shoot incredible photographs without the shoulder ache and bulky bags.

Travel light with the Canon EOS M3


Instantly Instagrammable

Increasingly we’re documenting our adventures on social media, particularly on image sharing site Instagram.

Instagram is mostly associated with smartphone photography, but with the Canon M3 it’s easy to get photos on Instagram. Wirelessly connect your camera to the Canon Connect app on your phone using Wi-Fi, and your photos will appear on your smartphone in seconds. From there, posting them to Instagram is easy.Beach

Easy to use and full of cool features

You’re staying out for the summer and time is of the essence. You want to shoot great photos instantly and get back to having fun, without getting too bogged down in the fiddly details. 

The Canon M3 is designed as much for professional-looking point-and-shoot as it is for exploring the finer points of manual controls. So you can take high quality photos at the push of a button.

Selecting shooting modes and scrolling through screens is easy on the large, smartphone-like touchscreen, which can be tilted 180° for selfies at famous landmarks.

Take fantastic group shots without leaving out the photographer by using your smartphone app as a shutter button – no wires, no hassle, no 'where was dad?' in this shot.

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