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Compact cameras
Take stunning pictures in super sleek style with the Fujifilm X-T100 09 July 2018

The Fujifilm X-T100 is compact, retro, and absolutely bursting with features to help you grab the perfect summer snaps.

Compact cameras
Compact digital camera or smartphone camera – which is better? 06 May 2016

Do you still need a proper camera in the age of the smartphone? And which compact camera should you buy? Check out our Q&A with a professional photographer…


Compact cameras
Get the same power as a DSLR with Nikon’s new point-and-shoot cameras 02 March 2016

Nikon’s new range of point-and-shoot cameras pack all the power of a DSLR and are compact enough to fit in your bag…

Compact cameras
What is a digital camera - and do I still need one? 23 February 2016

Love snapping pics with your smartphone? Take your photography to the next level with a compact digital camera…

Compact cameras
Compact camera vs smartphone camera 06 July 2015

Wondering why you should still buy a proper camera in the age of the smartphone? Check out our Q&A with a former professional photographer...

Compact cameras
#LightsCameraCurrys with Canon 15 June 2015

Legendary field photographer Paul Hames teaches bloggers a thing or two about the unknown settings on their cameras, and tests them with a walking photography tour in Kings Cross.

Compact cameras
9 reasons why Sony´s new compact cameras will make the perfect travel companion 05 May 2015

Introducing the Cyber-shot™ HX90/HX90V and WX500, the newest range of compact cameras from Sony. A small addition to your suitcase that will have a big impact on your holiday.

Compact cameras
Do you still need a digital camera in the age of the Smartphone 03 April 2014

The smartphone has placed a camera in our pocket wherever we go - but does that mean we no longer need a digital camera? We investigate.

Compact cameras
Five great cameras to make 2014 a year to remember 19 December 2013

From shooting live gigs and sport to capturing memories of a family holiday and sharing the pictures on Facebook, here are five of our favourite cameras...


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