CES 2013 cameras cool as Bond gadgets

Skyfall was one of last year’s biggest films, but at this year’s CES loads of gadgets have been distinctly Bond-like.

09 Jan 2013


Skyfall was one of last year's biggest films, but at this year's CES loads of gadgets have been distinctly Bond-like.

Panasonic Lumix DMC TS5

A souped-up Sony CyberShot camera featured in Casino Royale a few years back, but the cameras unveiled in Las Vegas this week for eventual public release wouldn't seem out of place in the inside pocket of 007's tux. For instance, many sported near field communication, a concept which sounds like it came right out of Q's research and development lab. Near field communication, or NFC, allows us to share content by merely tapping devices against one another. The technology has risen along with our demand for shareable content and devices that talk to each other.

Connectivity and sharing is trending at this year's CES, and a number of cameras from major players are already riding that wave. But of the whole bunch the most Bond-like has to be one from Panasonic's new Lumix range. The DMC-TS5 is so tough and muscled I can almost imagine it wandering from the surf like Daniel Craig in those trunks - however that'd be weird, so I wont.

Instead, let's talk about the camera and NFC - arguably its most Bond-like feature. Merely tap the camera against an Android phone with NFC running the Panasonic app and you'll be able to share pictures via a direct Wi-Fi connection - as easy as saying shaken, not stirred.

With such innovative technology inside you'll want to keep your camera safe - but Panasonic wraps the tech inside its 'ultimate toughness' case, taking us back to Bond and that beach (oh, dear). Bond often ends up in the water, and the TS5 is waterproof to a depth of 43metres - well would you really expect anything less? While shock-proofing from as high as 6.6ft offers reassurance for the clumsy among us.

Samsung super lens
But as tough as 007 is, he's also pretty smooth. Enter the Samsung NX300 camera, which was also shown off at CES 2013. As good looking as Sean Connery in a slim-fitting tuxedo and featuring the same retro Sixties vibes, this camera really is the business.

Boasting a 20.3million pixel sensor and the world's first one-lens 3D system, the retro casing hides the most cutting-edge of tech. The camera empowers the novice snapper too. Its Smart Mode feature delivers great photos without getting bogged down in settings - like Bond had the time to set his aperture? He was too busy ordering Martinis, taking down bad guys and looking sharp.

Its 3D capabilities are truly innovative too, however first you'll need an additional 45mm lens. Once you've taken your snaps they can be shared via WiFi too using Facebook or sending as email attachments.

Wearable cameras
The Lumix range also included a wearable camcorder which can be mounted onto a helmet or backpack. The HX-A100 is designed for outdoor pursuits, but perhaps more leisurely than the kind of scrapes 007 often ends up in. It can shoot for more than two hours, and is water and dustproof.

The footage can be watched live on a tablet or smartphone. However, if you're using the gear to do something interesting rather than just goof around at home then you may want to broadcast it live via Ustream.

CES 2013 has brought us cameras incorporating technologies we'd have once been amazed by in fiction.