Five great cameras to make 2014 a year to remember

From shooting live gigs and sport to capturing memories of a family holiday and sharing the pictures on Facebook, here are five of our favourite cameras...

Another year has almost passed - packed full of memories such as festivals, family holidays, birthdays and the odd drunken funny.

If you're already forgetting the finer points of Glastonbury and your mate's face as he tried to finish the 'world's biggest steak', make sure next year's a different story with a new camera.

Sure, we all take pictures on our smartphones - who doesn't love a selfie?

But what about when you want to capture the frenetic atmosphere at your mate's gig, or take a group pic on a night out that also includes you, or capture some up-close detail of wildlife on an exotic holiday?

Well then you need a camera that's not also a phone.
Here are five of our favourites to help make 2014 not only a year to remember but a year you will remember.

Fujifilm XF1 - retro style… as well as substance

Fujfilm XF1

This may sound superficial, but this camera is so sexy it's worth buying for its looks alone. Bathed in the iconic retro styling of Fuji's best 1960s cameras, the XF1 is a total hipster accessory and wouldn't look out of place on the set of Mad Men.

But it's not just about its looks - the XF1 has gongs from What Digital Camera and Stuff magazine to show it's more than just a pretty face.

Canon SX260 - perfect for taking on holiday

Canon SX260

If you're a born adventurer who loves a holiday which takes you off the beaten track you'll love the Canon SX260.

It has built-in GPS so it'll know where you are even if you don't after wandering off-piste, while a 20X optical zoom means you can capture exotic creatures and ancient artefacts from distance. And if you want to make a movie to go alongside your holiday snaps, it can even shoot video.

Samsung WB200F - perfect for social sharing

Samsung WB200F

Want a camera that allows you to post your holiday snaps or night-out pictures while you're still laid on a sun lounger or sat in the pub? Look no further than the Samsung WB200F.

Point, snap and post to Facebook in seconds. You can also use your smartphone as the viewfinder, so if you want to capture one last shot of you all on the beach with you included it's no problem.

Speaking of phones, you can also send your snaps directly from the camera to your iPhone - no need for messing around with cables and leads.

Fujifilm S8400 - capture live sports and music

Fujifilm S84000

Looking for a serious camera which will help you capture the atmosphere at gigs and sporting events? The Fujifilm S8400 is a great choice. With an incredible zoom of x88, you'll be able to get so close to the on-stage action you'll see the sweat drip from the singer's forehead.

And with a 10-frames-per-second continuous shooting rate, if the singer is throwing himself around on stage or the defender sliding at high-speed for a tackle, you'll still get the shot.

Nikon S9050 - perfect point-and-click for under £100

Nikon S9050

Looking for a decent camera that doesn't break the bank?

With the Nikon S9050 you'll be able to capture rich detail thanks to the CMOS sensor and get up close and personal with 15x optical zoom so it's great for days out at the seaside or a night out with friends.

But the best thing about this Nikon is the price - it'll cost you less than £100 (£99.99).