#LightsCameraCurrys with Canon

Legendary field photographer Paul Hames teaches bloggers a thing or two about the unknown settings on their cameras, and tests them with a walking photography tour in Kings Cross.

15 Jun 2015


With the advent of digital photography and the internet, the power of photography holds no bars. According to an internet trends report, we share over 1.8 billion photos each day. But how do we make the most of our photographs? Well, this Saturday, we held a #LightsCameraCurrys workshop to shed some light on how to capture the perfect photograph. We invited 19 bloggers to the event in King’s Cross - some of whom had traveled from as far as Manchester. With DSLR cameras in hand, the event gave the bloggers a chance to learn how to best use their apertures, shutter speeds and obscure camera settings to take the greatest shots, no matter the environment.

The theory and practice was delivered by Paul Hames, an award-winning field photographer with 25 years of experience. Whilst they were snacking on croissants, fresh fruit and sipping coffee, the attendee bloggers were treated to a theory masterclass of camera settings and photography best practices.

Photographer Paul Hames presenting

How the day developed:

No photography event would be complete without the best equipment, and the bloggers had the chance to win one of Canon’s stellar Digital SLR cameras, namely two of the 1200D’s with 18-55mm Telephoto Zoom Lens and a Canon 700D packaged up with an accessories kit. Bloggers with the best picture and tweet on the day had a chance to win one of each of the 1200D cameras. The Twitter and Instagram feed of #LightsCameraCurrys quickly lit up with great puns and pictures, with everyone eager to showcase their creativity.

With the theory session over, the group headed up to Granary Square and the King’s Cross Pond to focus on putting theory into practice in the field. The architecture and settings of the canal, pond, water features and, of course, the pigeons, were all subjects in each budding photographer’s eyes.

The winner of best photo was Lucy from supergoldenbakes.com, a great in-motion shot of a pigeon pattering over water. The best tweet(s) came from Jasiminne from poshbrokebored.com.

Some shots of the day:

Canon camera prizes

Canon bloggers with cameras

Blogger group photo

Lucy from Supergoldenbakes

Jasiminne from poshbrokebored

It was over in a flash!

A thank you must be extended to all the fantastic bloggers who braved the typically British overcast morning and afternoon. Thank you to Canon for making the day possible and providing some brilliant prizes, and lastly thanks to Paul Hames for running a wonderful workshop covering all aspects of field photography.

You can check out Currys full range of DSLR cameras on this page.