NEWS: Vodafone CEO Urges Strict Web Rules

10 Jun 2011


Dixons1106071541201-1.jpgThe CEO of Vodafone has demanded stricter regulations and control of online content and services.
Vittorio Colao has backed French president Nicolas Sarkozy who recently called for government-regulated internet rules.
In an open letter to the Financial Times, Mr Colao said the self-regulation imposed by the internet companies is not adequate and leads to security breaches, prevalence of piracy and “infringements of individual rights”.
Mr Colao claimed that it was inappropriate that Facebook and Google talked about the importance of freedom on the web in the light of the role played by the internet in the Arab Spring.
“Mr Sarkozy is really right to argue that realising the full potential of the internet will also require an effective legal framework and that self-regulation will not be enough,” he wrote.
The CEO is calling for state control over the internet industry to prevent web related crimes and restrict firms from making money.