Put your holiday in smart focus with the Samsung WB200F

The Samsung WB200F, a smart camera so clever you can capture your holiday snaps and share with friends in an instant

09 Apr 2013


After months of snow, sludge and shockingly cold mornings our thoughts have understandably turned to beaches, Bacardi and sun-burnt shoulders.

But what's a holiday without the pictures to remember it by? Enter the Samsung WB200F, a smart camera so clever you can capture dad doing it Gangnam Style with the resort waiters and share it with friends in an instant.

Samsung WB200F

Smart sharing

Your fortnight in the sun is full of such magic moments - from comedy white bits making an unexpected appearance on the beach to the consequences of slurping questionably named cocktails 'til the wee small hours.

With the Samsung on side not only can you capture them for the family album - you can share them with those back home too.  

Although we go on holiday to relax, many of us remain glued to our tablets and smartphones; Facebooking about our frolicking in the sea, or tweeting about truly tastastic tapas.

Such social media dispatches from the front-line of relaxation are enough to send friends back home green with envy, but the WB200F ramps the jealousy up to 11 by allowing you to post pictures of the pool direct from your sun lounger.

Point, click and share

No leads, laptops, plug adapters or mood-killing walks back to the hotel (which is always on a hill). Just point, click and share your photos in less effort than it takes to rub sun cream into your burning thighs. Push the Direct Link button to log on to your nearest Wi-Fi network.

The WB200F is more sociable than the hen party down the hall after one sangria too many.

As well as sharing to social networks, you can also send your pics individually or in an album direct to your smartphone, iPhone or tablet with MobileLink.

Put yourself in the pic

If you're the designated photographer on mates' holidays and get home to find loads of great pics without you in any, Samsung has also seen to that.

Family On Beach

It's developed a natty app that allows you to activate the viewfinder from your phone, so you never have to hear your mum say 'why aren't you in any of these' again.

Back-up your snaps

Whether going away with mum and dad or mates, things can get lost and damaged on holiday. Cameras can be replaced, but the memories stored inside them are a little trickier to recover - and in the case of dad's Gangnam Style - nigh on impossible to recreate.

Samsung has accounted for this with AutoShare, which backs up photos to our smartphone as we take them, while you can also send them to the cloud.  

Stylish and smart

So, you get it: this camera boasts more grey matter than your average episode of University Challenge.

But if it's stylish design rather than smart sharing that floats your boat then the Samsung also has it in spades - some guys just have it all.

With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, sleek white casing and clean curves, the Samsung will look totally at home alongside your designer shades and your better half's bang on-trend bikini.

We often buy our celeb-sported bikini or trunks with plans to work out 'til we have the similarly celeb-like bod.

Snow and frost has seen many early-morning runs swerved, but the camera can also help with motivation here.

For it features an 18x optical zoom which will capture every detail when you hit the beach - whether toned and tanned or something altogether different.

Samsunjg WB200F Zoom

If you'd rather capture the local landscapes than yourself, the wide-angle lens will do a much better job of depicting sweeping

Tuscan panaoramas than your half-baked explanations on the sofa back home.

Photos when the sun goes down

Of course, many of our holiday highlights take place after dark: in candlelit restaurants, dimly lit bars and beaches as the setting sun bleeds daylight into dusk.

The WB200F ensure such memories are as clear as day with a Low Light Shot feature which does exactly what you'd expect - delivers well-exposed shots in poor light.

Best face forward

Holidays are full of perfect moments, many of which arrive before us with little forewarning. Sometimes in the rush to capture them we'll end up with yet another perfect shot ruined by your little brother shuting his eyes at the crucial moment.

As far-out as this sounds, the Samsung features technology which can open people's eyes and change facial expressions - naturally, it's called Best Face.

So why not put your best face forward with the Samsung WB200F on the beach this year - a camera as sociable as a celeb with a perfume to promote and as smart as the school swot.