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DSLR & CSC cameras
#LightsCameraCurrys event with Nikon 19 November 2015

Even if you’ve got a whizzy camera phone that takes super sharp snaps, sometimes we all want to take our photos to the next level. That’s why, last night, we treated bloggers to a fun camera workshop where they learned how to take a picture-perfect shot like a pro.

DSLR & CSC cameras
Christmas cameras for the whole family 21 October 2015

Cameras make great Christmas gifts, but only if they suit the person’s interests and lifestyle. We help you match the camera to people on your gift list….

DSLR & CSC cameras
DSLR cameras: Everything you need to know 06 July 2015

When your compact camera just isn’t giving you the flexibility and quality you crave it’s time to upgrade to a DSLR. Find out what you need to look out for…

DSLR & CSC cameras
Fuji X-T10 prototype reviewed: Our expert’s verdict 19 May 2015

The new Fuji X-T10 has just been announced, but we managed to get our hands on one ahead of the launch. Find out what our expert tester thought about it in our review...

DSLR & CSC cameras
Capture life’s moments with the powerful new Nikon 1 J5 14 April 2015

Getting serious about photography? Take professional-quality photos, easily, wherever you may be with the new Nikon 1 J5 compact system camera.

DSLR & CSC cameras
How to keep your DSLR camera clean 31 March 2015

As an immediate consideration camera maintenance doesn´t effect your ability to shoot on a daily basis. However, after a year or two years, grubbiness starts to rear its ugly head. Your camera is built to last, and when your spending around £1000 on a basic industry standard body, as well as spending the time making sure this little beauty is your perfect partner, you need to play the long game to save problems a year or two down the line.

DSLR & CSC cameras
Find your perfect camera with Canon – whatever your level 06 February 2015

Whether you´re getting serious about photography, want something to give you better images without without the need for extra lenses or simply want a step up from your smartphone - Canon has the camera for you…

It has launched new cameras to suit every level of experience. Read on to find out mor...

DSLR & CSC cameras
Compact system cameras reviewed by Jon Bradbury from the gadget Show 05 January 2015

Job Bradbury reviews compact system cameras

DSLR & CSC cameras
Currys DSLR Manchester blogger workshop 26 September 2014

This weekend we put on another of our fantastic blogger events, and this time our roadshow rolled into Manchester.

DSLR & CSC cameras
NIKON LAUNCHES D750 DSLR Camera 12 September 2014

Photographers and filmmakers rejoice! Nikon’s D750 DSLR Camera will arrive on the 23rd October and it’s got some seriously impressive specs.


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