Canon and Panasonic at The Photography Show 2016

Camera lovers from all over the country converged on Birmingham for The Photography Show, the biggest event of its kind in the UK. We caught up with Canon and Panasonic to focus on what’s new…

22 Mar 2016


What's new from Canon?

Our first destination at the show was Canon’s impressive stand. As well as the photography and printing equipment on display, Canon were also hosting a series of presentations from leading photographers and experts in a custom theatre built into the stand. 

We were taken up above the hustle and bustle of the show onto Canon’s balcony. Here they were showcasing some of their top lenses, letting visitors test them out to their full capabilities.

Canon was excited to show us two new cameras. Firstly, Canon expert David Parry gave us a guided tour of the seriously exciting 80D. It’s a great camera for the serious enthusiast who wants to photograph fast moving subjects. We loved how this camera feels in the hand, and the capabilities for shooting video are great. The 80D has some heft to it, but it’s light enough not to be awkward when using for a long time. This makes it easy to control and you feel secure in the build quality.

Here’s David Parry taking us through the key features, despite the noise from the show floor.

We then took a look at the more affordable 1300D. This is an ideal entry-level camera and the Wi-Fi features make uploading or sharing your photos as easy as you could want.


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What's new from Panasonic?

Panasonic’s stand was dominated by a central arena-style area where gymnasts and dancers performed, letting visitors test out the latest cameras on fast-moving and colourful subjects.

We got hands-on with two compacts in Panasonic’s TZ range, designed to be light, portable and ideal for travel, while still providing high-quality features and images.

Firstly, the TZ100. The key features here are the 1” sensor and the 10x optical zoom. The large sensor means this provides a superior image quality, especially in low light conditions.

The optical zoom lets you get close-ups without compromising picture quality, but you can go further with the optional digital zoom if you need to. If you’re not sure about the difference, optical zoom is what many people consider a “real” zoom, using lenses to magnify the subject, whereas digital zoom is simulated by enlarging a section of the image.

The camera is capable to shooting both 4K video and photos, and features “Post Focus”. This lets you adjust the focus after you’ve taken the image, so you can achieve many depth of field effects and adjust them to perfection.

The TZ80 offers many of the features of the TZ100 and has a 30x optical zoom but a smaller sensor. You still get 4K video and photos, plus the Post Focus mode making this a more affordable option for taking quick snaps if you don’t need the extra picture quality or low light capabilities of the TZ100’s 1” sensor.

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