Currys DSLR Manchester blogger workshop

This weekend we put on another of our fantastic blogger events, and this time our roadshow rolled into Manchester.

26 Sep 2014


We put on one of our hugely popular DSLR photography workshops, for some of the best bloggers in the North West.

DSLR photography event group photo

So, bright and early (well, 11am!) our bloggers turned up ready to learn the ropes on their cameras. Once they'd all met each other and said their hellos, they were ready to start!

DSLRS In Focus


DSLR photography classroom

Manchester Photographic were our experts for the day and quickly began introducing the key settings on their DSLR cameras, as well as concepts such as depth of field.

The information was gratefully received, as taking great photos is an important skill for bloggers in this multimedia age.

After their camera orientation session, our bloggers were understandably hungry. Good job we had a delicious buffet ready for them!

Out And About


DSLR photography training


DSLR photography bloggers


After lunch, the bloggers were out of the classroom and into the outside world. Putting into practice what they learned, they started snapping the sights of Manchester, creating some fantastic photographs.

After hotfooting it across the city, our bloggers returned to Manchester Photographic's HQ to review what they'd taken with the experts.

The bloggers had a fantastic time learning new skills and took some pretty impressive shots during the day. We'd like to thank Manchester Photographic and all the bloggers for making it so fun to be involved with.

To see some of the great photos from the workshop, search the hashtag #lightscameracurrys on Instagram and Twitter

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