Find your perfect camera with Canon – whatever your level

Whether you´re getting serious about photography, want something to give you better images without without the need for extra lenses or simply want a step up from your smartphone - Canon has the camera for you…

It has launched new cameras to suit every level of experience. Read on to find out mor...

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Whether you're getting serious about photography, want something to give you better images without the need for extra lenses or simply want a step up from your smartphone - Canon has the camera for you…

It just announced a new range of cameras to suit every level of experience. Read on to find out more…

Digital SLR - the professional photographer's favourite

A DSLR is the camera used by professional photographers. It will give you:

  • Richly detailed pictures thanks to the large image sensor
  • Interchangeable lenses for different effects - such as wide angle for landscapes and telephoto for fast-moving sports or wildlife
  • Total control over your picture's exposure
  • Image stabilisation means blur-free pictures
  • See everything in the shot with a wide-angle optical viewfinder

The camera: Canon EOS 760D

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This camera is designed for budding photographers who are buying their first DSLR and want complete control of the pictures they're taking.

Control your settings for perfect pictures.

Manual settings are a key feature of DSLR photography, adjusting ISO and aperture to create different effects. With this camera you see these levels on a tiny LCD screen just by the shutter button, so you can adjust while actually shooting images.  

Settings stay as you want them.

You can also lock the mode dial, so it doesn't get knocked out of place if you're on the move. Also, adjust the settings using the large touchscreen on the back of the camera - this can also be used as a viewfinder if you're shooting at a tricky angle.

A large sensor means better pictures at dusk or dawn.

Your photos will be rich in detail thanks to the 24.2 MegaPixel APS-C sensor - this is among one of the largest sensors and can capture masses of detail. The bigger the sensor, the better your pictures will be.

Expect great pictures whether shooting at dawn, dusk or in regular daytime light. This is thanks to the camera's high ISO range, which shows how sensitive your camera is to light. Find out why it's important with our camera cheat sheet.

Is it good for wildlife photography?

When shooting fast-moving action such as a football match or animals on safari, expect pin-sharp focus. The camera's continuous shooting mode takes 5 frames per second.

Can it focus fast?

Getting up close is also improved. Autofocus is faster thanks to a system that uses 19 reference points rather than the previous model's 9 - expect greater accuracy and faster capture.

Can I shoot movies on it?

Yes. The large sensor gives a shallow depth of field for creating cinematic movies in Full HD. Use the swivel-angle touchscreen for more creative freedom. Your subject will always stay in focus with Canon autofocus technology. 

What about the Canon EOS 750D?

Canon also launched the EOS 750D. This is almost the same as the 760, with the same sensor, autofocus system, continuous shooting mode and back LCD touchscreen.

Compact system camera - DSLR-quality images in a lighter body

A compact system camera is generally smaller and lighter than a DSLR but offers similarly high-quality photography. This is because it doesn't include the bulky mirror and prism found in a DSLR.

It will give you:

  • Interchangeable lenses for creating different effects
  • High-quality images thanks to the large sensors, sometimes as big as those on a DSLR
  • Manual controls for adjusting settings such as exposure

The camera: Canon EOS M3


This brings many benefits of a DSLR but is smaller and lighter. You can manually adjust settings such as ISO and aperture. Lenses can be changed to suit different projects.

Large sensorfor DSLR-quality images.

You can take exceptionally detailed images thanks to the inclusion of a large 24.2 MegaPixel APS CMOS sensor - the same one found in the newly launched Canon DSLR.

Manual controls - get the right exposure.

You can control your shutter speed, aperture and ISO levels manually, as you would with a DSLR. Making your pictures darker or lighter is easy too thanks to the exposure composition guide. This is for taking pictures in low light or high contrast, when the built-in exposure needs slight adjustment.

Great photos in low light.

Create brilliant photos even when shooting at dusk thanks to the camera sensor's high ISO rating, which shows how sensitive your camera is to light. 

Fast, accurate autofocus.

Taking photos of wildlife and sports? This camera will give you fast, accurate autofocus with the Hybrid CMOS AF technology.

Easy to hold.

It is easy to hold and use thanks to the new handgrip and re-designed buttons. The camera's controls and settings are in easy reach from the main dial and buttons.

Tweak effects while you shoot.

Adjust blur or brightness on a shot with the touchscreen at the back of the camera - find a combination you like and save it for next time.

Can I shoot movies on it?

Yes. You can shoot movies in Full HD on this camera. You have full control over aperture and ISO control and can select what you want to focus on by tapping it on the touchscreen viewfinder.

Share your images.

Connect your camera to a smartphone with a simple tap using NFC technology and send the pictures between the devices. Also share images online as you shoot them with built-in Wi-Fi.

These cameras will be available from Currys and PC World in April, so keep your eyes peeled.

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