Fuji X-T10 prototype reviewed: Our expert’s verdict

The new Fuji X-T10 has just been announced, but we managed to get our hands on one ahead of the launch. Find out what our expert tester thought about it in our review...

19 May 2015


Fujifilm -x -t 10

Rumours have been flying around about the upcoming Fuji X-T10. It’s one of the most hotly-anticipated cameras of recent times. We handed a prototype of the compact system camera to our expert tester to see how it performed.

Our tester was a professional photographer for 15 years, so what was his overall verdict? ‘It’s an absolutely brilliant compact system camera that works like an DSLR but is much smaller.’

What first strikes you about the camera?

It has a good, solid build and actually looks more like an DSLR than a compact camera. The retro look resembles Fuji cameras from the 1970s, like the Fujica STs.

The weight of the camera is just perfect and it sits very well in your hand. That solidity also makes it easier to take steady shots from hand at slow shutter speeds. I was taking sharp images from hand at half-a-second, impossible with some very lightweight cameras.

The metal body and dials make the whole camera feel durable and like a serious tool, rather than a plaything. I like that a plastic casing wasn’t used for its lower weight.

What are the camera’s 3 biggest plus points?

  • Small but not flimsy
  • Durable and substantial thanks to the metal frame and dials
  • Very fast focusing and reaction times

What do you think of the picture quality?

The picture quality is excellent – very sharp with vivid colours.

How easy is it to adjust settings?

Extremely easy. The prototype didn’t come with a booklet, but I found my way around the camera without one.

The best thing is that everything can be done without taking your eye from the viewfinder, which is ideal for shooting sports or moving objects. The arrangement of the dials on the top plate makes it much easier to use in manual mode than many other cameras.

Anything you’d change about the prototype?

I might put the lens lock button in a different place. I couldn’t manage to change the lens without accidentally pressing buttons on the rear panel while supporting the camera in my hand.

Would you buy the Fuji X-T10 when it comes out?

Yes. I think it’s the best compact system camera I’ve used having spent my whole career working with DSLRs and SLRs.

The range of automatic and manual settings cover just about every aspect of photography that I can think of. It’s just incredibly intuitive – perfect for experienced and beginner photographers alike.

The Fuji X-T10 is available in two different colours, and will be available shortly.

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