NEWS: Researchers Develop PaperPhone

10 May 2011


Dixons1105091436101-1.jpgResearchers have developed a new device which “looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper”.
Called the PaperPhone, the new gadget indicates that next-generation smartphones could be controlled by bending and flexing the screen.
The experts demonstrated a prototype, which looked like a translucent sheet of plastic paper, and included a 9.5cm screen underneath its surface.
Study leader Dr Roel Vertegaal said: “You interact with it by bending it into a cellphone, flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.”
The PaperPhone can be bent in different ways to open programs, flip through the pages of an electronic document as well as make calls.
Vertegaal hopes that the new gadget will help to reduce the need for paper and printers in offices.
He said: “The paperless office is here. Everything can be stored digitally and you can place these computers on top of each other just like a stack of paper, or throw them around the desk.”
The gadget is the result of a collaboration between researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University, Canada and Arizona State University’s Motivational Environments Research group.