Picture being a Facebook guru with a Canon EOS M

The creative features of the Canon EOS M make it perfect for photographers looking to experiment and improve

Now photos are more prominent on Facebook you may have noticed an influx of amateur snappers eager to show off their skills. In the right pair of hands a profile picture can be an enticing glimpse of who we are - and we all want to make a good first impression.

But whether you're looking to pick up likes or boost your portfolio, the Canon EOS M Compact System Camera could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Canon EOS M

It doesn't matter whether you like to showcase your child's latest party trick, your pet's most annoying habit or the wonders of your favourite landscape, the EOS M can make all of it comment-worthy.

This handy, lightweight camera gives wannabe photographers the ability to create images of a professional quality, in high definition, at the click of a button.

Have you always liked the look of arty images with blurry backgrounds and sharp subjects? Easy. The EOS M comes with a host of simple creative filters, with the soft focus feature making this kind of sumptuous shot achievable for anyone.

Meanwhile, if getting the camera in focus 100% of the time is enough of a pipedream for complete novices, the auto settings will put their minds at ease.

With face detection technology, the EOS M is able to pinpoint anyone's mug in an image and ensure they are perfectly in focus - so anyone who's tagged in the pictures can't blame the photographer if they don't like what they see!
People who like to document nights out - either to retrace their drunken steps during a next-day hangover haze or point fun at their mates' antics - are also well catered for, with the highly sensitive EOS M capable of taking pin-sharp images in low-light.

The touch-screen menu allows users to review and edit their images there and then in the same way they use their smartphones - so if you get a pang of guilt for snapping a friend while they are worse for wear you can quickly get rid of the evidence.

For more accomplished camera users the main benefit that comes with the EOS M is that they can have such a good camera that is also incredibly light and easy to carry around.

They won't need to worry about missing out on perfect photo opportunities because whenever a moment like this arises they'll have their trusty EOS M ready without even thinking about it.

This could be especially useful for parents of young children who are eager to capture their kids' spontaneous tomfoolery. There's nothing worse than searching the whole house for a camera only to realise that your plans have been ruined by an impatient little monster.

When it comes to attracting attention on Facebook, having a mix of photos and videos is one way to increase the chances of people clicking on your profile. So it's a good job the EOS M is also capable of channelling your inner Steven Spielberg when a single snapshot just won't do.

It allows you to film HD videos of anything you like, from your team scoring a goal to your father-in-law stepping on a rake in the back garden, while also giving users the chance to edit different shots into a movie file using the Video Snapshot function.

There are almost limitless creative possibilities to the EOS M, which is the perfect piece of kit for budding and casual photographers looking to take the next step.